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Beef Noodle at FAVtory, Taipei

I was walking along the streets of Taipei, specifically along Nanjing Road, on a rainy afternoon and having skipped lunch my senses were all over the place. I was on a lookout for the next possible place to dine and I chanced upon this fancy-looking place called FAVtory. Out of

Promotion Set at Cafe D’Fong

Not to be mixed up with the grand Chinese restaurant D’Fong, Cafe D’Fong is the coffee house version of it that offers a variety of dishes and what I’m highlighting today is the Promotion Set. Cafe D’Fong is found in several parts of Klang Valley – Ativo Plaza, Menara TA,

Awesome Meat Treats at 小牛匠 Restaurant, Taipei

In a country where English is not the main language, it’s not uncommon to come across restaurants that are without any romanized names, such is this one that’s read as “Xiao Niu Jiang”, literally translated to Little Cow Master. The shop is without any grand facade but what lead me

Kraft Velveeta Shells & Cheese

Good for often comes from one’s own kitchen, unless of course one is incompetent then that’s another story altogether. Fortunately abang goldfries here isn’t that unfamiliar with going about in the kitchen and in one of my many experiment sessions I tried this pasta shells pack from Kraft. What I’m

Wendy’s Fish Sandwich

Surf into the festive New Year with our all-new “Fresh Off The Boat” Fish Sandwich. Comes with 3pcs of golden Fish Fingers topped with delectable “Summer Dressing” and your favourite cheese slice, it’s a burger that will keep you hungry for more! With the offer ending on 13th March, I’ve

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