STADT – German Cuisine & Bistro

STADT - German Cuisine & Bistro

It was just another ordinary weekday, busy schedule kept lunch from my reach and by late afternoon I had worked out an extra-ordinary appetite.

I could’ve gone to my usual low-cost eatery for a quick meal but I decided to give myself a break and satisfy myself with an awesome meal, so I decided to try this restaurant that serves German cuisine that I spotted quite some months ago, called STADT. lexiegirl was with me today on this eating endeavor.

STADT is situated somewhere around Kepong’s Carrefour hypermarket. I’ve never been to STADT before, so I was really taking a huge risk (Seriously, which new eating place is not a risk? :mrgreen: ) considering the food here isn’t what I could say cheap and I’m not sure what satisfaction I’m getting out of it.

STADT - German Cuisine & Bistro

Welcome to STADT – German Cuisine & Bistro. Here’s the menu and the flavored tea.

Being totally unfamiliar with German delicacies, we took probably 15 minutes flipping back and forth the pages of the menu, observing the setting for the restaurant while we decide what would be best for us to order.

STADT - German Cuisine & Bistro

Warm and cozy ambient of the restaurant for a comfortable and homely feel.

All walls were decorated with various art pieces and pictures, each contributing to what I believe is supposed to be a German feel. However since I’m not German, I have no idea whether it actually feels German thus I shall refrain from criticizing the setup. πŸ˜€

I agree with goldfries regarding the setup, I have no idea how German it is but it certainly felt.

STADT - German Cuisine & Bistro

Wall pieces decorating the interior of the restaurant, giving it a German feel.

As to our order, I must say that hunger is a great decision maker so I decided to proceed with their specialty Pork Knuckle with Glazed Honey.

STADT - German Cuisine & Bistro

Specialty Pork Knuckle with Glazed Honey.

The pork knuckle was lovely dish, I savor the crispy and salty skin over the tough meat along with the aroma of roasted pork. The pork knuckle was served with mashed potatoes, smoked bacon and mustard pork sauce. I wish there were more smoked bacon as they tasted great but I do find that the mashed potatoes could use some improvement. The mustard pork sauce was definitely a valuable accompaniment to the roast pork gives an additional touch to the already engulfing flavor.

The pork knuckle was not my favourite dish due to the hard & leathery texture of certain part of the knuckle. My jaw felt tired from chewing, but there are of course parts that were crispy, tender and easy to eat and I must say that it was quite alright in terms of presentation.

Not being an aficionado of pork knuckle myself, eating the pork knuckle would have been just like eating the usual “Siew Yoke” if not for the tasty brown sauce that came along with it. The combination of English herbs surely brought forth the western taste.

I wasn’t particularly attracted to the mashed potato and mustard pork sauce. The mashed potato was rather small in portion, slightly sticky and texture wise is moderately smooth while the mustard pork sauce tastes just like any other mustard, or at least it felt that way to me.

Just remember, don’t be fooled by the outlook of the knuckle. It looked big based on the size of the visible bone and I thought that the flesh would be sufficient for just one person but fact of the matter was that there was plenty of flesh that I felt full even by just eating 1/3 of it.

Mind you, the pork knuckle was huge but being our first time here, we didn’t know it was going to be this big in size, thus we ordered another German delicacy – the Bratwurst.

STADT - German Cuisine & Bistro

German Bratwurst.

The German Bratwurst is basically grilled pork sausage, here at STADT it was served with mashed potatoes, sauerkraut and mustard. The dish was nicely presented, with green colored unidentified decoration that gives a minty taste.

I’ve tasted plenty of frankfurters and similarly shaped meat through my walk on earth but the German Bratwurst from STADT has a unique taste that I can’t pinpoint nor describe, it’s not something I would call stellar but it just felt better than what I ever had so far.

The sausage tasted different from those off-shelves sausages. It was good but it tasted even better when dipped with the brown sauce from “Pork Knuckle”.

I have no idea what the “Sauerkraut” was but I didn’t like it, it tastes like pickle. πŸ™‚ My thoughts on the mashed potato and mustard were as what I mentioned earlier about the one that came with the pork knuckle.

I personally think that the portion served is rather small as I chose 1 piece of sausage only. You do have the option to have more sausage quantity should you decide to order this dish. As for the presentation, I thought that the green substance adorning the plate doesn’t look attractive.

For the beverages, we ordered an Ice Blend called Chocolate Indulgence and strawberry flavored tea.

STADT - German Cuisine & Bistro

Chocolate Indulgence, one of their Ice-Blend variety.

The Chocolate Indulgence was as sinful as it is, ice-blended with chocolate, topped with cream and chocolate as seen in the photo above. In fact, the ice was so well blended so fine that it felt more like a milkshake than an ice-blend.

As for the flavored tea, the fragrance of strawberry was dense and pleasant. Tasty even without the need to add sugar and whatever else.

And lastly – for our dessert, we had Apple Strudles. I was never a fan of apple strudles and in fact, I’ve never actually spent more than a minute on any pastry that is as or even similar to this.

STADT - German Cuisine & Bistro

Apple Strudles, a dessert fit for a King.

The apple strudles were served with a moat of ice-cream and strawberry linings so it was “sweet, sweet and sweet” for the dessert while icing sugar is topped on the puffs and used as decoration along the outer fringes of the plate.

The apple strudle was my favourite dish for the day. I am never a “sweet-tasting food” fan but this dish gave me the sweetest and most memorable experience of my dining experience in here. I would definitely come back for more of it.

Upon cutting a small portion off the puff, the yellowish sauce-like apple is immediately visible, oozing out to the edge and calling for your attention.

Pouring the cream and strawberry from the gravy onto the cut section and voila.. it is ready to go into your mouth. Mmm ….YUMMY!! It was a lovely way to end our meal. I was later told that the beige cream like substance was vanilla ice-cream. No wonder it tasted so good as it went well with the crunchy puff and overall, the dish’s sweetness was just nice for me.

Our meal at STADT came to about RM 90 in total, with the pork knuckle taking up nearly 50% of the cost.

STADT - German Cuisine & Bistro

A welcoming shop-front, you can’t miss it!

Would I come back to STADT? It’s a resounding YES. And until I come by other places that serve better pork knuckles, their claim holds true (at least to me la) about serving the best Pork Knuckles in town. πŸ™‚

Yes, as you can see I had my photography gear with me! :mrgreen:

So do you fancy a German experience? It’s far from being in Europe but if you’re in Klang Valley, make your way to Kepong and find this place.

I noted that they also do serve imported beers.

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Here’s how you contact them, even if you got lost finding your way there.

STADT – German Cuisine & Bistro.
Address : No 2, Jalan Metro Perdana 8, Taman Usahawan Kepong, Kepong Utara, 52100 Kuala Lumpur.
Open from : 11:00am to 1:00am
Telephone : 03-6250 1016
Fax : 03-6250 1096


  1. this restaurant was closed few month ago, i was not surprise that because i saw a big rat cross under my table during my dinner with friends in this restaurant. : )

  2. I tried at Stadt Puchong last week. I found the food is quite bad lor.

    I guess that they deep fried the pork knuckles instead of roasted, it taste bitter cause the skin is burned and the meat is very dry too.

    The sausage also don’t taste special and good. The side dishes seems like already keep long in freezer.

    The apple strudles that i waited for long also disappointed me, it taste so comman like those pastry selling at Bakery house πŸ™

    I didn’t complaint on the spot cause is my choice to celebrate my birthday with my hubby there. Although my hubby didn’t make noice but from his face, i can tell how bad is the food actually.

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