Restoran Kasturi – Johorean Style Malay Food

Restoran Kasturi - Johorean Style Malay Food

It was around half-an-hour before noon and I was getting hungry already, no cookies next to me and it looked like nothing was going to come to my table either – so I decided to drop by one of my favorite Malay restaurant near my office.

For those of you (like me) who love Malay fried chicken and all, this is the (one of laaaa) place.

The restaurant is located at the far corner of a shop lot, along Jalan Kenanga SD9/4. Despite being situated at a place that practically secluded, the restaurant seems to have quite a number of people visiting during lunch hour – me being one of them.

Restoran Kasturi - Johorean Style Malay Food

A humble restaurant with a humble yet cozy Malay-style setting, the tables are well placed and the place is overall clean and comfortable.

Restoran Kasturi - Johorean Style Malay Food

In fact you have a choice of 2 types of dining area. One is the enclosed dining area within the shop lot, while the other is the open air area as you dine along with the possible company of birds, squirrels, cats and whatever else that may be around there. No ceiling fan of course but you do get to enjoy the serenity of mother nature.

Restoran Kasturi - Johorean Style Malay Food

Anyway, food here is served buffet style – just like any other restaurant or hawker you see in most places. Of course, this is the Malay version. I was there before noon and as you can see, the food are already laid out neatly for the arriving customers.

Restoran Kasturi - Johorean Style Malay Food

And here’s the delicious lunch combo that I grabbed to satisfy my cravings that day – and it cost me RM 10, inclusive of a Teh Tarik of course!

Restoran Kasturi - Johorean Style Malay Food

1 awesomely fried kunyit (Turmeric) chicken drumstick, 2 eggs, some vegetables and a whole bunch of paru-paru. What is this “paru-paru”? Well it’s actually friend cow lung. Yuck! Well yeah call it that and I think most people would just avoid it.

Terminology aside, the chicken was well fried. Crispy on the outside, moist and tender on the inside – this is what most Chinese mixed-rice / economy rice stalls fail to do properly. And the paru-paru was the best I had so far as it was tender and tasty, most other paru-paru I had from other restaurants are tough and quite often it felt like chewing rubber.

So how do you get to this place? Here’s how………

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  1. Eh, minus the teh tarik come to around RM 9 i think.

    Blame me on the 2 eggs + 1 chicken (easily ~RM 5) and paru-paru + veg (probably RM 4). 😀 but the food is good la, I’m the type that’s willing to pay a bit more as long as it’s satisfying.

  2. i would love to try since u said it’s a johorean style cuisine…
    i’ve been longing to hv johorean cuisine but at the moment not that much i can find at my area…any1 know where i can find at my area damansara?

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