Red Door – Nyonya & Malaysian Cuisine

Red Door - Nyonya & Malaysian Cuisine

Yet another night of not knowing where to go some time last week. Hari Raya coming and we still haven’t bought any greeting cards for our clients. 😛 So Kat (a.k.a Lexiegirl) and I decided to visit Jaya Jusco Kepong for greeting card hunting, and also keep an eye out for some decent place to satisfy our taste buds.

After walking around in search for the RIGHT place to dine, we decided to give Red Door a try. Red Door has been in Jusco Kepong (well it’s actually called Jusco Metro Prima Shopping Center) for ages, it’s just that we’ve not been patronizing Jusco Kepong as much as 1-Utama. 😀

Red Door - Nyonya & Malaysian Cuisine

Red Door is situated on the 1st floor of the complex, just right next to Jusco. You’ll see it no matter which Jusco entrance / exit you use. No red-colored door at Red door though, just a welcoming wooden shop-front.

Red Door - Nyonya & Malaysian Cuisine

Luck was on our side, we managed to take the table that’s right at the back of the restaurant that gave us a good view of the restaurant in its entirety, and also the privacy of snapping photos without scaring away the other patrons. 😀

Red Door - Nyonya & Malaysian Cuisine

I can’t help but take the photo of the specially decorated wall right behind where I was seated. It looked like red-colored bamboo shoots.

Red Door - Nyonya & Malaysian Cuisine

Yeah yeah I admit, I had nothing better to do while waiting for the food and drinks to arrive so I took the photo above. 🙂 Do you like it?

Red Door - Nyonya & Malaysian Cuisine

I decided to go for Chinese tea. It was refillable *Brian is a fan of refillable drinks!*, the package came with a Red Door cup and a teapot. 🙂

Red Door - Nyonya & Malaysian Cuisine

Lexiegirl ordered the Chendol. What do you think about the Chendol, lexie?

I didn’t enjoy the chendol, simply because I felt that the taste and smell of the gula melaka overwhelmed that of the santan (coconut milk), however the sweetness was just nice.

Oh well, so much for the Chendol part. Now, for the main course! What did I order? Hainanese Chicken Chop!

Red Door - Nyonya & Malaysian Cuisine

So how was their Hainanese chicken chop? It’s good, the amount of meat served was decent. Not the biggest among the many chicken chop I had but it was decent by my standard. I must say they were very generous when it comes to gravy, onions and potato – around and all-over the chicken.

Anyway, the chicken didn’t come in crispy fried coating but it was well cooked and the meat was tender. The gravy was nice, it was slightly towards the sour side compared to other Hainanese chicken chop I’ve tasted but it was nice nevertheless. Minced garlic was part of the gravy, something which I had never seen before among Hainanese chicken chop.

Red Door - Nyonya & Malaysian Cuisine

Lexiegirl ordered Nyonya Fried Chicken with Rice, after all it’s a Nyonya restaurant so why not give it a go and see how it turn out. I tried part of the chicken and it was tasty, with all the flavor oozing out with every chew.

It’s something out of the ordinary. They served it with blue rice and also chicken which they claimed marinated with their own Nyonya herbs and sauces.

I’m a fan of nasi lemak, so the nasi lemak style setup appealed to me. The mysterious taste of the chicken is like it was marinated with a combo of ginger, garlic and soya sauce while the sambal was sweet and not spicy, with a touch of ikan bilis (anchovies).

Red Door - Nyonya & Malaysian Cuisine

Here’s the chicken that came along with the dish. Delicious light brown and aromatic, what a way to feast!

Red Door - Nyonya & Malaysian Cuisine

That’s goldfries in the upper right corner of the photo, enjoying his Hainanese chicken chop.

Being a person with appetite of rather gigantic proportion, I wasn’t totally filled after having my chicken chop, so there was I rummaging through the menu again on what to order.

I saw some dishes Wan Tan Hor, Laksa, Spaghetti and so on so forth, in the end I decided to try the Cheese Baked Rice with Chicken Chop, ……… yes – the 3rd CHICKEN dish. the 2nd CHICKEN CHOP dish of the night. I didn’t realize that when I was ordering. All I wanted was something that’s their specialty, so after referring to the menu and asking the waiter, I decided this was the one.

Red Door - Nyonya & Malaysian Cuisine

Does it look nice? I loved the cheese baked rice from Swensens. I loved the one from Kowloon restaurant at Desa Sri Hartamas too but they’ve closed, or if they shifted, I have no idea where they are. Anyone with info on their whereabouts, please inform me!

Anyway back to the baked rice thing, I had tasted the baked rice from various places like Kim Gary and Wong Kok and they aren’t satisfying and they often serve with tinfoil that easily break from fork pierce.

For Red Door’s variant of the baked rice, I like it that they served it with what looked like a stainless steel bowl. Right at the bottom of the rice was the some leaf (I’m bad at leaf identification) which I think was to add to the flavor of the dish.

Is it good? Yes it is, initially I thought that it’s going to be another case of insufficient cheese but it wasn’t. There was sufficient cheese, it’s just that I wish there was more. While the rice wasn’t exactly special in my opinion. The chicken was well cooked and tasty, and not served in miserable quantity. 😀

Overall it was satisfactory outing. The food tastes good but doesn’t punch a hole in your wallet, the 3 dishes, with chendol and tea we ordered didn’t breach RM 35 in damage. The cozy environment is great for almost any sort form of gathering.

One thing I must highlight is that Jusco Kepong is that it’s a pain finding parking space during weekend, so if ever you need to visit this place, do it during weekdays. 🙂

How to get there? Here are the details
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Red Door – Nyonya & Malaysian Cuisine
Address : Lot F27, 1st Floor, Jusco Metro Prima Shopping Center
Open from : 10:00am to 11:00pm (or you can estimate it based on Jusco’s operating hours)
Telephone : 03-6252 6186
Fax : 03-5569 1397


  1. wow…… u had started a new blog on food….

    horey more ppl is in now… hee hee.. means more food to share…

    all the photo are nicely shot.. well done.

  2. Mate,

    The nasi lemak was awesome, with blue rice…seriously, blue rice? How can you not eat that rite? 🙂

    cozy enviro, nice setting, awesome-tasting gravy, a little expensive i might add? but worth the penny.

  3. I do know that there are people who are turned off by colored rice, especially green and blue types. 😀

    yes. nice environment and setting but for the price, I think it’s quite alright for a shop that’s in a complex. They’re usually around that price or higher. 😀

  4. Hey there mr.Fries!

    That’s a lovely little restaurant. I almost frequent there with my family members at least 2 to 3 times per month. The food was fantastic!

    The kampung fried rice, I tell you, I can never fail to order it everytime I come to this eatery. It’s delicious. Also, you might need to try the beverages. They are well made and they are good to wash your throat down after you eat.

    Desserts? Hmm.. the Ais Kacang is good. But at once one of the servings the Santan went a little bit sour. It isn’t a discouragement I suppose, all the time I still order this one. It’s still well and good.

    The noodles are damn good too. The laksa and the curry mee is one of the well made ones.

    However, one issue – the Maggi Goreng isn’t the best one. Any mamak stall could be better than this one, and it’s much more cheaper. I hope they improve on this one.

    Gotta have another one this month!! 😀

  5. hye,

    Me and my gf frequently go there each week. The food is great, nice atmosphere, the staff is good and the price is reasonable. The blue rice is called nasi kerabu for the malay. Its a very nice place to hang out for all. i’m malay and i dont mind eating with my fellow chinese. The only gripe that i have is the lack of dessert. i give the place 4 1/2 star from 5. 🙂

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