Chicken Chop at Steven’s Western Corner

Chicken Chop at Steven's Western Corner

Not to be confused with the Steven’s Corner at OUG and Pandan Indah, this is Steven’s Western Corner – my regular haunt for sinfully delicious chicken chop without breaking my wallet. 🙂

I came by this place around 8 years ago, blogs did not exist back then. I’ve been pretty much a regular since then but all I ever knew was to order, pay and eat. 😀

Steven’s Western Corner serves WESTERN food (like isn’t it obvious by now? 😛 ), it is situated at a lonely corner of Damansara Uptown Hawkers.

Chicken Chop at Steven's Western Corner

Here’s a view of the pretty empty dining area. The place is full-house during peak hours, which is around dinner time up to like 10:30PM or so. (Taken with my Nokia N81 8GB la, bringing my DSLR would scare the crowd.)

Steven’s Western Corner’s operating hour starts at around 7:00PM and closes an hour or 2 after midnight. I recommend visiting them after 10PM, the food is generally served faster and better when there’s less crowd.

Chicken Chop at Steven's Western Corner

What’s so nice about this chicken chop?

You get a huge piece of fried chicken (not entirely boneless) served with mushroom sauce, a generous portion of french fries, salad and an egg. 🙂 It’s the most popular dish here, come around the peak hour and look at what’s the most common dish on the table.

Chicken Chop at Steven's Western Corner

The chicken is well fried, the texture of the meat is maintained while having a moderately crunchy powdered outer layer. No sign of chicken skin on this chicken chop.

The sauce is sweet and salty, and it comes with slices of mushroom. Sometimes I’ll request an additional bowl of their mushroom sauce as the serving is just isn’t enough if you intend to have the sauce accompanying every single bite, including the fries and everything else on the plate.

Unlike many other western food places that serve over or under-fried french fries, the french fries here is a fine example of how I hope how french fries should be fried. 🙂 The dish also come served with eggs sunny-side up, along with a decent quality coleslaw.

Now I know that the photo isn’t exactly appealing so I took the liberty to take-away (ta pau or bungkus if you may) a chicken chop and had a short photo session with it……. resisting my hunger of course!

Chicken Chop at Steven's Western Corner

The chicken chop used to cost only around RM 6.50 way back then, if I remember correctly. It’s now priced at RM 8.00 but it’s still well worth the price, considering the amount of goodies you get with it.

So if you happen to be around Petaling Jaya at night and have no idea where to get your next meal, do give this place a try!

Don’t know where? Just drive to Damansara Uptown, it’s not difficult to find as it’s along the stretch of road with the most cars parked. You can’t miss it!

The stall is located on the inner right section of the food court. Basically, walk all the way to the right side of the food court and you’ll see it, right at the end. 🙂 The stall number is as stated on the photo above. Good luck hunting!

Here’s the map.

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  1. wei goldy!!! this is the place i did a review… not that Steven’s Western Food hawker stall…. but in the same place… you should try Phang’s Western Food… way larger portion.. RM7.50 for a bloody hell nice Chicken Chop… have been eating at Phangs for more than 8 years 😀

  2. hmm if u order from phangs… dun order their fish and chips… they use dory and there is the fishy smell

    but for the chicken chop… it’s good…. the batter they use also diff also instead of bread crumbs

  3. aku suka makan kat sini….chicken chop dia best gilerrrrr…pekerja2nya pun ramah,tauke pun ok jugak………oarng kampung aku…bukit mertajam,penang

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