Christmas Dining at Singgah Selalu

Christmas Dining at Singgah Selalu

lexiegirl and I went down to Johor Bahru on Christmas eve for a business trip. While we had no the chance to visit Singapore, we managed to get our tummies great treats for both Christmas Eve and Christmas itself. 🙂

This was our first time visit Johor Bahru and we literally had no idea where and what is good when it comes to dining places, the Internet wasn’t that helpful when it comes to “Makan Places” at JB but one name was often seen – “Singgah Selalu” meaning “Drop By Often” – so I thought that should be a good place to try.

So there I was, driving down Danga Bay area to finally reach Singgah Selalu.

Christmas Dining at Singgah Selalu

The place was packed with people, it’s even more amazing to note that people are still coming to the place in droves even at around 11pm!

Singgah Selalu isn’t small either, the place is made out of 2 sections – the first sections is the very dimly lit open-air dining area which is pretty much a great place to hangout with buddies and have some smoke. (No la, no pictures for that place la. Don’t intend to scare people with my gears la.)

Christmas Dining at Singgah Selalu

The second section is the indoor dining area – we choose to have our dinner in the indoor dining area, simply because it was more comfortable and we really hate smoke.

Christmas Dining at Singgah Selalu

After sinking our faces into the menu for like 10 minutes or so, we decided to go for the set meal for 2 persons.

Christmas Dining at Singgah Selalu

5 dishes, we swapped the Sweet & Sour Chicken for Lemon Chicken while the rest of the dishes remain unchanged – they are Tauhu Ala Teppanyaki, Telur Goreng (fried egg) Ala Fu Yong, Sup Rumpai Laut (seaweed soup) and Buah-buahan (fruits).

5 dishes, for the both of us? Piece of cake, we’ll finish it in no time……. or so we thought.

All the dishes came in generous portions – It was so generous, I even SMSed my parents saying that this set alone could feed like 5 or more people, which I think the estimation wasn’t far off.

The Sup Rumpai Laut (seaweed soup) was the first to arrive.

Christmas Dining at Singgah Selalu

The soup with a mixture of seaweed, vegetables, mushrooms and so on so forth and it tasted great! It had slightly sour feel, pretty much reminded me of Tom Yam soup but just on the tame side.

I find that the soup is really value for money, considering the ingredients used for it.

Next on our table, came the Lemon Chicken.

Christmas Dining at Singgah Selalu

Now the lemon chicken was awesome! Crispy fried chicken with a moat of thick lemon sauce – it certainly not some thin piece of chicken meat those typical Chinese shops serve that’s barely worth the money.

The chicken was fresh and tender, I’m glad that the powder element was just nice. Neither overwhelming nor lacking.

Yes, I agree on the powder part. It’s not like those that over-use the powder. I liked the lemon sauce as well.

The Fried Egg was served shortly, the fried egg wasn’t something special in my book but was still nice nevertheless.

Christmas Dining at Singgah Selalu

It’s just a typical fried egg with some vegetable inside. What I like was that it’s a crispy and tastes towards the salty side. There’s some chili inside as well.

I’m still working on my cooking, can’t seem to get the taste of my fried eggs to be as good as theirs.

What surprised the both of us was that the fruit platter which is supposedly a dessert was actually served along with the rest of the dishes.

*Complaint starts* Now c’mon la guys, who eats fruit while going barely quarter way through he meal? By the time we started whacking the fruit platter, it was pretty much not cold anymore. Not to mentioned had to keep an eye out on the extra dish, just in case it becomes a landing zone for some unwanted visitors. *Complaint ends*

Christmas Dining at Singgah Selalu

Wahhh so many slices ah? Really, the fruit does look more like 2 person’s share. I finished the honeydew while lexiegirl took the watermelon and orange. 😀 Tasty, fresh as it can be. I only wish that it was served cold.

Yeah lor, take out so soon. The watermelon and orange felt not fresh already, but luckily it was still nice.

The last dish to arrive was the Tauhu Ala Teppanyaki.

Christmas Dining at Singgah Selalu

The Chinese call this dish TIT PAN TAU FOO, directly translated to iron plate tau foo. It’s actually one of my favorite dish and I must say that I’ve never in my life thought a Malay restaurant could serve such tasty Teppanyaki Taufu, in fact it tasted A LOT better than many other Chinese restaurants!

It’s the usual, with egg right underneath the gravy, served in hot and sizzling fashion.

I must agree that is really is one of the best I’ve tasted, considering it’s a Chinese-style cooking made by Malays.

All in all – we were overwhelmed with not just the amount food that came flooding in but also how tasty the food were. It had to be good – full-house at 10:30pm and torn menus were good enough to indicate how good this place is.

Bear in mind that Singgah Selalu serves more than just local dishes, they also serve an assortment of other dishes such as Western and Middle-Eastern food.

One of the things I liked about this place was that the kitchen was only covered by a transparent glass and if you sit at the right spot – you’ll get to see traffic of delicious looking dishes going out to the tables, a fine way to get to know what you’ve been missing!

I have to admit, while going through our dishes, we were enticed by the many other dishes that went by, couple that with the great experience we just had – we decided to come back for dinner the next night of our stay. 🙂

This time around, we decided to go for a different experience. lexiegirl ordered Arabian Grill while I ordered Chicken Chop (Mushroom sauce). While waiting for the our meal to arrive, we also tried their otak-otak.

Christmas Dining at Singgah Selalu

I’m not exactly an otak-otak fan but I noted that quite a number of tables had ordered otak-otak and even the cashier asked me whether I had otak-otak.

So yeah, curiosity got the best of me and I ordered the otak-otak. Instead of ordering a number of sticks, they just hand you a whole tray of it and it’s up to you how many to feast on.

Christmas Dining at Singgah Selalu

Was it good? Well I’m not an otak-otak fan but I think I had better ones before. On a side note, the cashier did also ask about roasted nuts but I didn’t order it. 🙂

I didn’t like it. It tasted like fish ball paste but with coloring.

lexiegirl ordered the ABC Special, what happened was she saw some kid on the adjacent table with this interesting looking ABC. Upon checking with the waiter, she decided to give it a try. I had a taste of it, it reminded me of one of the ice-cream I not tasted for quite a while – the Wall’s Paddle Pop Rainbow

Christmas Dining at Singgah Selalu

It’s very nice, I like the paddle-pop ice cream topping.

The Arabian Grill came and it awed the both of us, seeing the amount of meat they gave for this RM 18 dish. The dish came with beef steak, chicken and lamb chop, served with rice and vegetables.

Christmas Dining at Singgah Selalu

There was just so much meat that lexiegirl couldn’t finish it. I was more than delighted to help her finish the leftovers. 😀 For me, I find that the chicken was fine but the beef was rather tough. The lamb was nothing spectacular.

I find this dish is just so-so, certainly won’t come back for this dish as there’s just too much meat and I don’t find it fresh but the gravy is quite nice.

On my side, I had the Chicken Chop. It was nice and tender, the mushroom sauce tasted great but I only wish that they gave more of it.

Christmas Dining at Singgah Selalu

Both chicken and sauce was just nice in being salty, in fact they stacked the chicken when it was served and to my surprised, the second piece of the chicken had percik flavor on it. I did ask the waiter whether it was their intentionally done as such but he had no idea, so I guess it was a mistake that went well as the percik reminded me of the percik I used to have in my hometown of Kota Bharu.

Last on our dishes the 2nd night was the Arabian Salad.

Christmas Dining at Singgah Selalu

I didn’t touch this dish at all, it’s just not something I like.

The Arabian Salad was nice. It’s different from the usual salad. I like tomatoes, and this salad came with a lot of tomatoes but there’s not much of the green leaves. Generally I thought it’s a nice dish because it’s something different.

And here we are, the end of our report of 2 nights’ worth of dinner at Johor Bahru. This place certainly won our hearts, I’d love to come back to this restaurant more often but I believe on our next trip to Johor Bahru, we’ll be trying out other dining places.

Here’s a map to Singgah Selalu. And by the way, they’re open 24 hours!

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  1. Just some thoughts. Ain’t the best place for food but smoking sisha is a must try at SS. I’m not a smoker either tho.

    p/s. note sure if you guys have tried the ‘Daud Sup Kambing’ in JB. (meldrum walk which is near merlin tower by the lane behind MBF building) noe4thing might know it.

  2. Please!!Try the roti jala or roti chanai as well…
    I woke up at 4 am juz to have both of it…
    arghh…i’m starving!

  3. Sorry, been busy…..

    @xin – I went to Danga Bay again, this time walking along the theme-park area. 🙂 and also the food / market area too.

    @Kenny – I will try to find that place. Meldrum there, I think I passed that road many times.

    @putra – still nice. 🙂 oh btw, the crowd was not as crazy on normal weekdays.

    @soraya – ok you posted a bit late. I did visit there again recently to try other things. Nasi USA for me, it was nice. K, going to try the suggested stuff if I have the chance.

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