Feeling Italian at Marco’s

Feeling Italian at Marco's

It’s been a while since I had authentic Italian food. My usually so-called Italian food are frozen pizza’s bought from Carrefour, Tesco or whatever place you can find – while they’re not bad, they aren’t exactly something that epitomizes Italian delights.

Today, we’re reporting our visit – yes, OUR visit to Marco’s at Bangsar Village. There’s noe4ting and his fiancee, lexiegirl and of course – yours truly.

Marco’s at Bangsar Village is tucked at one corner, as I’m not a frequent visitor of Bangsar Village it took a while for me to find the place. As a quick guide, the outlet is located on the ground floor, opposite Village Grocer and next to Watson pharmacy.

Feeling Italian at Marco's Pizza

It’s bright and colorful, once you see it – you’ll know that’s Marco’s.

Feeling Italian at Marco's Pizza

The brightly colored seats and tables match the Italian theme of the shop perfectly.

And this was where I sat during the course of the dinner.

Feeling Italian at Marco's Pizza

Now I’m sure you guys are more interested in what we had for dinner. Well let’s begin!

For starters, we had something called “Bruschetta” (RM8.80) , which are crispy and crunchy slices of bread, topped with fresh tomatoes, olive oil, garlic and basil.

Feeling Italian at Marco's Pizza

Along with the starters, we had our share of drinks.

Feeling Italian at Marco's Pizza

The drinks were (clockwise from upper left) Chocolate Milk Shake (RM8.80), Raspberry Italian Soda (RM6.80), Oreo Milk Shake (RM8.80) and Ice Blended Sour Sop (RM8.80).

Our next dish was “Tortellini in Matriciana Sauce”, and what a savory dish this was!

Feeling Italian at Marco's Pizza

The tortellini served is a mixture of chicken, spinach and parsley. Apparently this dish is not on the menu but it is available upon request.

The chef preparing our food for the day was Chef Salvotore (or Chef Salvo in shorter pronunciation), and Chef Salvo was kind enough to have a short chat with us, sharing his experience as a chef specializing in authentic Italian cuisine, for more than 30 years in Europe and Australia.

Feeling Italian at Marco's Pizza

I still remember the first time I met Chef Salvo, it was at Epicure 2008 where we covered the event and Chef Salvo was showing us prepare Tortellini Alla Panna with mushroom, beef bacon & cream sauce, which was truly a special dish not to be forgotten by our crew!

Anyway, here’s Chef Salvo showing his mastery in the art of food preparation.

Feeling Italian at Marco's Pizza

The open kitchen of Marco’s is also an interesting concept as patrons could also view how pizzas are being freshly prepared upon order.

Feeling Italian at Marco's Pizza

Feeling Italian at Marco's Pizza

I’m sure by now, you guys are wondering – will there be any Pizza in this article? Of course there is but let’s broaden our mind and quit thinking that “Italian = Pizza”! Seriously, there’s more to Italian food that just pizza.

So now, allow me to introduce you to something SPECIAL – “Squid Ink Pasta” (RM32.80)!

Feeling Italian at Marco's Pizza

Aww yeah? For real? Of course! Well we were surprised too when we first saw the dish. Dark, almost black colored pasta with garlic prawns, fresh basil, light cream, parmesan cheese enhanced with extra virgin olive oil in napolitana sauce.

I must say that the black colored pasta certainly does make this a novelty item. All of us were curious on how it would taste, after all it’s being ink-drenched and to our surprised it tasted great! It’s just like any other pasta BUT with the accompaniment of oozing cream and garlic prawns.

Next up from the menu is the “Spaghetti Carbonara”.

Feeling Italian at Marco's Pizza

Ok well this one’s pretty much a common sight in almost any Italian restaurant, the carbonara (RM19.80) was served with eggs, garlic, parmesan cheese and a generous portion of beef bacon evenly spread all over the pasta in traditional creamy sauce.

It’s not as cheesy as what I had hoped for but it certainly is still creamy and nice, I was told that the original spaghetti carbonara aren’t cheesy to begin with.

Next up, it’s time to unveil the PIZZAs! *drumroll please………*

Tsunami Pizza – All Italian despite it’s oriental name, the Tsunami Pizza doesn’t come crashing in and break everything but it does crash into your taste buds. In fact it is a dish specially prepared pizza by Chef Salvo, it’s a dish not listed in the menu but it is available upon request! The pizza is topped with asparagus, chicken, sliced potato and mushroom.

Feeling Italian at Marco's Pizza

Salvo Pizza (RM28.80-large) – topped with turkey ham, mushrooms, olives, oregano stem, parsley, garlic, napolitana sauce and melted mozzarella cheese.

Feeling Italian at Marco's Pizza

The Salvo Pizza happens to be my pizza of choice among the 2. As you can see from the summarized list of ingredients, the Tsunami Pizza is pretty much a casual affair while the Salvo Pizza on the other hand is pretty much giving any diner an assortment of taste.

I thought it was quite tasty to eat the slices without removing the olives but I believe some may find it otherwise. Do remember to try it!

Highly recommended to try out is their “Lamb Shank” (RM26.80) as well, it’s got to be my favorite dish for the night.

Feeling Italian at Marco's Pizza

It was awesomely tasty, after all it’s their signature main dish that’s braised for like 2 – 3 hours in fresh tomato sauce, and served with mushrooms and potatoes.

I must say that the lamb shank served is also the most tender and “easy to peel ” lamb shank I ever come by, each bite was a taste of succulent lamb and fresh tomato sauce.

After almost 2 hours of indulgence in sinfully delicious treats, we’re down to our equally sinful dessert – “Tiramisu” (RM13.80).

Feeling Italian at Marco's Pizza

It’s a classic Italian dessert of mascarpone cream expresso & sponge fingers, and I must say that it’s the most delicious Tiramisu cake I ever had. πŸ™‚ I love how they decorated the plate with some chocolate drizzle, at first glance it actually looked like it was part of the plate.

Well that’s all folks! We would’ve tried more dishes but time was running out and we were filled to the hilt as well.

For me, I’d definitely recommend the Lamb Shank, Squid Ink Pasta, Salvo Pizza, Tiramisu with Alcohol and the Raspberry Italian Soda.

Patrons can also get hold of their Super Value Card, a prepaid value card that provides 25% discount and a free regular sized pizza of any flavor upon reload. Do check out their delivery services and other promotions as well.

Here’s how you could contact them……

Marco’s – Bangsar Shopping Village
Address : Ground Floor, Lot No. G18, No. 1 Jalan Telawi Satu, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
Operating hours :10.30am – 10.30pm daily
Telephone : 03-2287 2833

View Larger Map

Marco’s – Taman Bukit Emas
Address : No. 81-85, Jalan SS25/2, Taman Bukit Emas, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor (opposite Kelana Jaya LRT station)
Operating hours :11.30am – 11pm (last order 10.30pm)
Telephone : 03-7803 5000

Coming soon : Marco’s kiosk @ Alamanda, Putrajaya


  1. i’ve eaten at Marco’s Pizza opposite KJ LRT Station before, but what i can say is, the portion of food at their KJ branch are much much smaller.

    hope you had a great meal there!

  2. Hey Sir Uncle Fries,

    Yes – the Marco’s is good. It’s trendy and it’s exciting to eat in that restaurant.

    I had that in Kelana Jaya branch… I had a nice time eating them with my family members. πŸ™‚

    Also, you might want to try Bel Pasto’s (Kepong) for a cheaper alternative. All of them are good too!

  3. yes yes! i agree with The_YongGrand, the food from either Marco’s or Bel Pasto’s r good… I used 2 go Bel Pasto’s whenever it’s my birthday or any celebration…^^ (greetings, it’s my 1st time visiting your website! nice day~)

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