The Apartment – Dining At Another Home

The Apartment - Dining At Another Home

It’s end of the year and the moderating crew over at had a gathering at The Apartment, the Curve branch.

It was a great opportunity to write about this place as well, my last visit to The Apartment was during ASUS’ Eee Box product launch, and that was some 3 months back.

The Apartment - Dining At Another Home

What I like about The Apartment is the concept they used for their interior, despite all areas being for dining and lounging around, the setup is really based on APARTMENTS – there’s the bedroom area, the toilet area, the kitchen area and so on so forth.

The Apartment - Dining At Another Home

The Apartment - Dining At Another Home

lexiegirl was with me in this gathering, we ordered Dreamland Prawns.

The Apartment - Dining At Another Home

It was sweet tasting but that’s about it. Nothing special, in my opinion. The prawns were mediocre in size and certainly wasn’t the freshest of prawns I’ve had. It was decent but nothing to shout about.

Yeah, nothing special about the gravy and the prawn.

Hampstead Steak – nice tender pan-fried sirloin sliced into pieces served with green beans and mashed potatoes. The sliced steak pretty much reminded me of “siew yoke” (roasted pork).

The Apartment - Dining At Another Home

Presentation wise it’s simple, the dish had a touch of red wine to it. The beef was tender and juicy, served with special sauce, one that I can only describe as being sweet and salty. The mash potatoes had a salty touch, which is good actually.

Then there’s the Tenderloin with Wild Mushroom, well marinated tenderloin in special sauce, with a touch of red wine, served along with wild mushroom and spinach.

The Apartment - Dining At Another Home

It’s nice for the tender and juicy meat despite it being well-done, but the serving is small.

For drinks, we had Strawberry cooler, basically it’s strawberry and some soda combined. I liked it, reminds me pretty much of strawberry-based carbonated drinks but with much richer taste.

The Apartment - Dining At Another Home

I tried their Iced Cappucino but I found it to be bland, and same were the thoughts of the rest of my buddies who ordered it. Unfortunately those who ordered it were seated pretty far apart so by the time someone found out you had ordered it, it’s pretty much “Oh you’re gonna regret ordering that.”

The Apartment - Dining At Another Home

Ok fine, so that was my share. lexiegirl had Strawberry Parfait, I didn’t try it but according to lexiegirl it was good!

The Apartment - Dining At Another Home

The Strawberry Parfait was nice, I love strawberries and the parfait came with a lot of strawberries. Comes with mousse (or whip cream, I don’t know) and some pieces that felt like biscuit. I highly recommend, especially strawberry lovers, this for those visiting The Apartment.

Overall I thought that The Apartment is a really classy joint to have gatherings and all, they even catered for my 25-people reservation, which is really good!

On the other hand the meal costs a bomb while the serving isn’t of a sizable portion.

How does does a bill of 26-people look like? (No typo, the total head count was 26.)

The Apartment - Dining At Another Home

ZOMG!!(&#(*@!&$!!!! – That’s the longest receipt ever! 😀 With a whopping amount of……….

The Apartment - Dining At Another Home


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3 Responses to “The Apartment – Dining At Another Home”

  1. January 8, 2009 at 7:50 am #

    should take more photos ;P

    i went there once before, nothing much to shout about, but their dessert (i had pavlova/meringue) quite nice.

  2. January 8, 2009 at 3:57 pm #

    Nice bill 🙂 Same like your verdict, the food is nothing to shout. But the bill, yes.

  3. November 14, 2009 at 5:19 am #

    nice kafetirea
    but the funny thing,billing 2+++!!!
    satisfaction more important than money

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