Going Mexican at Las Carretas

Going Mexican at Las Carretas

Las Carretas, I was introduced to this place quite some time before and have not the chance to give it a try until last week.

As far as I know, they have a few branches. The one lexiegirl and I went to was the one in USJ Taipan. Since it was dinner, the vicinity of the restaurant seems pretty much deserted.

Going Mexican at Las Carretas

*Despite having travelled to Mexicam borders and also having tried plenty of Tex-Mex diners, I’ve no recollection of having ever tried authentic Mexican food. Even if I did, I probably wouldn’t know it. 🙂 *

Here’s lexiegirl holding the menu for me to snap snap.

Going Mexican at Las Carretas

There’s where I sat, busy snap snap away while lexiegirl has a head start in skimming through the menu.

Going Mexican at Las Carretas

The place tries very much to give a Mexican feel with the sombreros and those big black hanging candle holders as you would’ve seen in Zorro movies.

Going Mexican at Las Carretas

The first dish that came was the “Chips and Salsa”, it’s a complimentary dish, something to munch on while waiting for the rest of the dish to arrive. As you can see it’s just like some chips taken right out of those junk food packets.

Going Mexican at Las Carretas

Our drinks for the day were Chocolate Shake, Vanilla Shake and Tomato Juice. The shakes were nice, they felt pretty much like blended ice-cream (well, aren’t they suppose to be? :P)

Going Mexican at Las Carretas

“Nachos”! I like Nacho’s but at this point, I’m pretty much confused on what is the ACTUAL Nachos like. I love the Nachos from Chilis but the ones from Las Carretas seems pretty much like the chips (same as the one served earlier) with cheese and vegetable toppings.

It’s a mix of crisp tortilla chips, gratinated with jalapenos, bell pepper relish, enchilada sauce and topped with cheese. I ordered the plain version, there were 2 other variants that come with either minced beef / shredded chicken (cost about RM 2 extra) or seafood (cost about RM 4 extra).

Going Mexican at Las Carretas

It reminded me of the horrible Nachos I had somewhere where the it was clearly a bunch of chips opened from a supposed Nachos junk food packet and topped with Cheese.

After the not so satisfying Nachos, (sorry, even if it was authentic Mexican nachos, my preference is towards the other type) it was time for my main dish – “Beef Back Ribs”!

Going Mexican at Las Carretas

Unlike the other Beef Back Ribs that I’ve had where each rib bone is separated, this one comes in one continuous un-cut portion of 3 rib bone.

It’s the usual taste of beef well-done, covered in barbeque sauce. Along with it comes a baked potato and assortment of vegetables.

lexiegirl had “Chimichanga”, crisp fried tortilla with cheese, minced beef / chicken, topped with enchilada sauce, guacamole and sour cream. It also came with rice and an assortment of vegetable.

Going Mexican at Las Carretas

I find that there’s a lack in cheese while the menu claims it to have plenty of cheese. I can’t feel the minced beef either. The gravy tasted like a mixture of bolognese sauce, cumin and other spices. Overall, I was rather tired of tortilla as the other dishes were already served with plenty of tortillla chips.

There’s slight smell of herbs that remind me of cumin and cardamoms but I was not impressed by the rice, as the accompanying gravy wasn’t tasty to begin with.

At the end of the night, I thought that Las Carretas was a nice place to hangout and have a nice meal. I love the setting and service was good on my visit.

It was a good experience, a place with nice decorations and it felt cozy. And yes, service was good.

Now it’s just a matter of finding out what else on the menu that suits our tastes. 🙂 After all it’s our first try on Mexican food.

By the way, our outing comes to around RM 123. Drinks cost us around RM 21, the Beef Back Ribs was RM 45.90, Chimichanga was RM 24.90 and Nachos was RM 15.50.

For more details, please visit their website.

And here’s the location map, address and contact details.

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Las Carretas Mexican Restaurant
Address : No 29 USJ 10/1F, 47620 Subang UEP, Malaysia
Operating hours :11.30am – 2.30pm, 6.00pm – 10.30pm for Monday to Saturday, 5.00pm – 10.30pm for Sunday and Public Holidays
Telephone :+60 (0)3 5637-3058

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