Good Food Chicken Rice

Good Food Chicken Rice

Ok, I must say that I actually don’t know the name of this particular stall so I’m calling it Good Food Chicken rice based on the food court where the stall can be found.

Yes, I kid you not with such a name! It’s GOOD FOOD!

Good Food Chicken Rice

And this was the chicken rice stall.

Good Food Chicken Rice

There was no name for it, not like the usual ____ Kee names. πŸ˜€ Generally being chicken rice stall, the thing to try was chicken. πŸ™‚

I ordered my rice with roasted chicken drumstick with roasted pork. (烧鸑腿+烧肉). The chicken was alright, well cooked and tender. The roasted pork was one of the better tasting available, crispy and salty pork skin with not overwhelming layer of fat and substantial amount of meat.

The gravy was towards the sweet type, I personally prefer the more salty chicken rice gravy. I’m more glad that this chicken rice stall doesn’t serve use WHITE RICE as some nonsense chicken rice stall.

Good Food Chicken Rice

lexiegirl ordered rice with barbecued pork. (叉烧). Nice too, the sliced pork was covered in thick and sweet sauce. Nothing to complain there either.

Good Food Chicken Rice

And we were also introduced to this specialty that’s called Curry Pork (ε’–ε“©ηŒͺ肉) – now this dish to me, is special. Simply because I’ve never come by any chicken rice stall that actually diversifies into serving a pork specialty.

Good Food Chicken Rice

It’s not barbequed or roasted pork, it’s just pork slices with curry sauce gravy. Delicious aromatic curry that’s mildly spicy.

3 people were eating that day, including my friend Charles who is a foodie himself. Our combined dishes were 4 rice (I had 2), 1 roasted chicken, 1 roasted chicken drumstick + roast pork, barbeque pork and curry pork came to only RM 15. πŸ˜€

Do give it a try!

Here’s how to get there.

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I think it’s best to go around lunch hour, or late lunch if you can. It doesn’t look like there’s ample parking space there. I was lucky to have a spot right outside the food court.

Dinner? It looks like that place is a restaurant at night. πŸ™‚ A place for another review?

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