Oh Pappa Puffs

Oh  Pappa Puffs

It’s time to say bye bye to the ordinary bite-sized, curry potato flavored and scantily filled curry puffs sold at the road side.

We heard about a place that serves probably the best curry puff in town and it’s at Oh Pappa, located at Damansara Uptown.

Oh-Pappa Puffs

Oh Pappa serves puffs, butter squares, pies, tarts and bom.

Oh-Pappa Puffs

Oh Pappa also has a few tables allocated for those who which to have a quick bite in the comfort of their shop unit.

Oh-Pappa Puffs

The thing that makes Oh Pappa special is the variety of flavors to choose. Their puffs’ flavors are not the common curry or sardine puffs sold at the road side. Though the puffs may look the same from the outside but wait till you check out the inside … it matters to some!

Oh Pappa Puffs

While I was busy with puffs. Goldfries ordered something else. Just check out what goldfries ordered, … a Mushroom Chicken Pie (RM3.50). He said it’s one of the best mushroom chicken flavor pie ever tasted.

Oh-Pappa Puffs

Well, either I have really bad taste when it comes to chicken pie or Klang Valley just lacks in quality chicken pie – personally I think it’s the latter, either that or there’s just not enough of it around….ohhh the donuts donuts donuts. (pssst, just drop me a buzz if you find any chicken pie you think taste good.)

Oh sorry, forgot – lengthy introduction. 😛 Anyway the pie was nice. I like that the contents aren’t like those I had, where it doesn’t taste savoury, and generally felt like a random mishmash of mixed vege and a some mixes. It’s called Mushroom Chicken Pie but I don’t recall any distinct taste or feel of mushroom, it tastes pretty much like the usual chicken pie…….. a tasty one, minus the mushroom. Probably sliced and diced to pieces that I can’t feel.

Oh Pappa Puffs

Ok, now back to the puffs instead of the pie. We were told how to differentiate them …  by the alphabetical symbols located at the skin of the puff. The ones in the picture below are “O” for otak-otak and “Y” for yam flavors puffs.

Oh Pappa Puffs

In terms of pricing, honestly I think is towards the high side for curry puff.

But hey, look at the plus point … it’s bigger size in comparison to the road side curry puff illustrated in picture below. Also, each puff is generally pact with fillings. This is where you get your value buy. Like the saying “You get what you paid for” ….

Oh Pappa Puffs

A few puffs’ flavors which I hope you should try – the durian (RM2.80), pumpkin (RM2.40), yam (RM2.40), otak-otak (RM2.80), tuna (RM2.80), black pepper chicken (RM2.80) and mushroom chicken (RM2.80). They even have veggie (RM1.90) flavor for those vege lovers or vegetarian people. You will also find the more common flavors like the curry chicken (RM1.90) and sardine (RM1.90).

My number 1 all time favorite is still the durian flavor. The compact filling is soft, light and creamy in texture. The sweetness is just nice for me. Each chew releases the distinctive taste of durian, in fact it felt like eating durian. Just a bite, will makes me forget that I’m actually eating a puff but a real durian. This durian flavored puff is selling like hot cakes and the supplies are quite limited. At times, the stock will run out for days 🙁 .

I’m a sucker for their pie. Tuna puff was just a puff with tuna stuffed. Mushroom chicken puff is just like the pie, only I thought it wasn’t that moist in content. Otak-otak pie was nice, I have no idea how to describe the otak-otak but it was one of the best.

With the variety of the puffs’ flavors, you can opt for many choices according to your crave and mood. At least now, the thought of puffs will not bore you too soon. Inside indeed matters when it comes to food 🙂

Here’s how to get there…

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Oh Pappa
Address : No. 15, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
Telephone : (603) 7729 2115
They also have outlets at Bukit Bintang Monorail and Bangsar.


  1. I tried this curry puff. It was available at Bangsar Lucky Garden too,near 7 eleven. Supprisingly i come along with 3 of my japanese boss who is just came from Japan. They love this curry puff so much …….untill request to buy as souvenier before their flight to Japan last sunday.

  2. @rozy – I don’t think so Oh Pappa is available in Singapore, but you can try Old Chang Kee (Peninsula Plaza), or 1A Crispy Puffs (The Central, Marina Square, Tampines Mall), hope the info helps

  3. Just found out that ALL their Oh Pappa outlets have closed. Would you know if they have reopened (under another name?)…if not

    where can I find similar chicken and mushroom pies….sooo nice.
    Many thanks

  4. pat…its not they closed all outlet but sometime in December last year till January this year they renovate the uptown damansara outlet to open like cafe style ….in January 2010….but their outlet in Bangsar and Bukit bintang . I just went to uptown yesterday

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