Zing, Grand Millenium Hotel KL – Unlimited Dim Sum Brunch (HALAL)

Zing, Grand Millenium Hotel KL

Weekends & public holidays are always a time to unwind for many. For those days, you should consider giving Zing’s Unlimited Dim Sum Brunch a try – it’s only available on weekends and public holidays.

Zing is a Chinese restaurant at Grand Millennium Hotel, situated along the busy street of Jalan Imbi. The dishes happen to be PORK-FREE too.

Zing, Grand Millenium Hotel KL

Zing’s Unlimited Dim Sum Brunch offers different specialty menu every month, prepared by their best, Master ‘Sifu’ Chef Thye Yoon Kong who has more than 24 years experience in culinary diligence.

Briefly, Zing is a new age-contemporary Chinese Restaurant boasting the finest Cantonese cuisine. Zing offers a signature show kitchen of dim sum, live seafood cooked in perfection and hand-made noodles.

Zing, Grand Millenium Hotel KL

A busy man in the kitchen. 🙂 I manage to capture a moment of him preparing the dim sum dishes.

Our highlights today are some of the dishes in the Unlimited Dim Sum Brunch Menu. It is tagged at the price of RM55 nett per adult and RM27.50 nett for child below 12 years old. It is available from 11.00am to 2.30pm on Saturdays and from 10.00am to 2.30pm on Sundays and Public Holidays. There are 32 types of dim sum dishes of your choice.

The Place

Zing restaurant is styled in traditional Chinese style deco, along with warm lights to cater to a cozy dining experience.

Zing, Grand Millenium Hotel KL

Zing, Grand Millenium Hotel KL

Circular segmented rooms are available for those who wish to have more privacy.

Zing, Grand Millenium Hotel KL

Then there’s also the bar style counter, where you dine while observing the chef’s skilled food preparation process.

Zing, Grand Millenium Hotel KL

The Dishes

Siew Mai with Mushrooms – It comes with prawn, chicken and mushroom fillings, top with a slice of scallop and bits of fish roe.

Zing, Grand Millenium Hotel KL

The siew mai was fine, fish roe on top as topping adds to the experience – it reminds me of sushi. 🙂

Bean Curd Roll with Prawns – These are crunchy bean curd roll wrapping a prawn for each serving.

Zing, Grand Millenium Hotel KL

The bean curd roll was an interesting snack, crispy overall with prawns on the thicker end. I thought bean curd isn’t anything tasty but the fried nature of the curd and the prawn did prove me wrong.

Homemade Radish Cake – The taste is close to the average “fried kway teow”.

Zing, Grand Millenium Hotel KL

Pardon my lack of appreciation for this dish, I didn’t find anything special with it. Something not memorable.

Cheong Fun with Dried Shrimps – Presentation is nice and neat. The filling of the cheong fun goes with dried shrimps. Top with spring onion and small quantity of cheong fun chili paste. However, I prefer having fresh prawn filling over dried shrimps.

Zing, Grand Millenium Hotel KL

I’m not a fan of cheong fun but this must be the most beautiful looking cheong fun I’ve ever seen, skillfully done and finely arranged – eating it was a different experience from the regular cheong fun. Just do a search on Google’s on “cheong fun” and click on IMAGES, see if you come by anything that looks even like this one.

A La Carte Dim Sum Menu

Steamed Szechuan Wonton (RM10.50) – Prawn wrapped wonton with Szechuan sauce that’s sweet, sour and spicy.

Zing, Grand Millenium Hotel KL

Lovely dish, fresh prawn covered in wonton. The Szechuan sauce adds to the overall taste.

Zing Signature Baked Durian Puff (RM8.50) – I found it not to be as sweet to my preference, and I found that the filling comprise of fresh cream and durian flesh.

Zing, Grand Millenium Hotel KL

Dragon Boat Festival

Traditional Dumpling with Dried Scallops and Roasted Duck (RM28++)

Zing, Grand Millenium Hotel KL

Sweet Dumpling with Red Bean Paste (RM6++)

Zing, Grand Millenium Hotel KL

Unlimited Dim Sum Brunch Menu – Teasers for Next Month, June’09

Deep Fried Scallop with Vietnamese Rice Nest – A MUST TRY dish for June ’09 menu. Scallops and prawns wrapped with crispy fried noodle and decorated with fish roe.

Zing, Grand Millenium Hotel KL

Probably the most enjoyable dim sum dish so far, I love the crunchiness of the crispy fried noodle. To remember to have a plate under it as you eat because the roe and friend noodles fall like buildings in an earthquake on each bite. Worry about the dropping pieces later, enjoy the wrapped prawns and scallops.

Steamed Cod Fish and Seafood Dumpling with Egg Sauce – A MUST TRY dish for June ’09 menu too. Each dumpling is fine, smooth and soft in texture. The fillings comprise of cod fish and prawn meat and top with bits of fish roe.

Zing, Grand Millenium Hotel KL

This dish is similar to the Steamed Szechuan Wonton, what I liked about this dish was that it game also with crab meat, placed right at the outer fringe of the saucer.

Custard Bun – A MUST TRY dish. The filling is very special with flowing juicy sweet custard and salted egg yolk. It can be messy if you are not careful.

Zing, Grand Millenium Hotel KL

The custard bun is an ordinary dish with an extraordinary taste. Firstly, what looks like your average PAO in dim sum offerings comes with tasty salted egg yolk fillings, you could feel it down to the finest sands of mashed solid yolk. Secondly, it surprises practically anyone eating the first time since you could end up spilling it if you bit it wrongly – so prepare a plate or something under your point of action. 🙂

We enjoyed the meal very much. Frankly, the price is towards the high side. However, do note that you are not just paying for the meal but also the quality ingredients, finest work of art from the Master Chef, ambiance and the dining experience. In short, you experience the BEST.

Our advice, do pamper yourself after long hours of hard work and pay a bit more for experience after all you are at no loosing end when comes to food.

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Limited seats! Please call and make your reservations now! Further contact details can be found at their website.


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  2. This restaurant is no longer halal. An A la Carte member which will not be renewing the membership any longer.

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