Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen – The Next Best Thing After KFC

Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen

Finally we have an alternate taste of fried chicken in the market. We introduce you Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen – one of the outlet is located at TTDI, right opposite KFC outlet.

Popeyes’ settings is towards the orange and brown colored theme, giving a warm feel to the ambient – and of course, pretty much the color of the food that are being served there. Some of the walls show photos what looked like the streets of America back in the 50s.

The outlet at TTDI has a patio on the upper floor for those who prefer open-aired dining experience.

Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen

Chicken combo meal is probably their most ordered item on the menu. The chicken tastes good, even though it is less fragrant compared to that of KFC. The plus point for Popeye’s fried chicken is that they’re less oily and they’re consistent in size.

Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen

The side dishes were mash potatoes with Cajun gravy, biscuit and coleslaw. All of them tasted good, and certainly was a breakaway from the similar offerings from other fast-food franchises.

Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen

I love their biscuit, somehow it reminds me of the scones I had at the Italianne Kitchen in Jaya33, Petaling Jaya. We had the 2 piece mild chicken combo set at the price of RM9.90.

I’m a huge fan of KFC but for the past months, I’ve been a traitor to the cause and have been patronizing Popeye’s ever so often – all because of the chicken. Yes, it’s that good. 😀 I’ve had chicken from Wendy’s and others as well, none of them have surpassed my preference for KFC until now.

I would describe the chicken from Popeyes as not only being tasty with a slight touch of spice, but also that the size seem to be consistent and from my experience, being less oily as well.

As for the side dishes, I think the mashed potato is certainly special compared to what the usual offerings are. Besides the common element of potato and gravy, the mashed potato from Popeye also sports some additional spices, obviously for additional flavor but unfortunately I am no culinary expert to be able to discern what are they. The coleslaw was nothing out of the ordinary.

The Fish & Shrimp tasted good. Chunks of fresh fish meat in every bite, however it was not as nice as the ones from Manhattan Fish Market. The prawns on the other hand are rather small in sizes, there’s nothing special in it, other than being fresh. It is price at RM14.95.

Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen

I was certainly delighted to have tasted such good fish fillet. I’m sick and tired of fish patties, they’re essentially flattened fish balls / fish pastes. The fish fillet from Popeye was delicious, much thanks to their special crispy layer on the fresh fish fillet.

While I could praise the fish fillet, the same couldn’t be said for the shrimps, which I thought to be just the average shrimp covered in crispy fried flour, nevertheless I can’t deny that it does seem fresh.

Chicken sandwich – The chicken sandwich puts McDonald’s Chicken Burger to shame. It comes with a decently sized slab of chicken meat, not the typical chicken meat patty you find on most burgers. The price is just RM5.90.

Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen

There’s no denying that the burger is lacklustred when it comes to aesthetics, it certainly looked like it was hastily pieced together.

The taste, on the other hand, tells of a different story – clamped between the slightly spiced buns is a slice of cabbage and a chunk of chicken meat, dressed with sour cream – infused into a taste that really does bring burgers like McDonald’s McChicken to shame.

In one of our visits, we waited more than 20 minutes for the arrival of our final order. We thought they staff had forgotten about us as they promised initially that the waiting time was just 5 minutes. After much waiting, we finally loose our patience and went to the counter for self pick up.

In our previous trip, we were disappointed to find out that our chicken order was not our usual favorite flavor. The staff at the counter did not ask us on our preferred chicken flavor upon receiving our order. On the other hand, it had slipped our mind to state that we prefer the non-spicy variant. 🙁 Who’s to be blamed?

I find that the item that holds best value for money is the fried chicken. You paid slightly cheaper than KFC but you get bigger size portion of the meat, best part you get the option for chicken wings for non-spicy flavor.

The price is slightly cheaper compared to that of KFC but the served portion is bigger. And another thing that I like about Popeye’s is that they do have parts like the wing for their non-spicy chicken, this is unlike KFC as they do not have wings for their original recipe.

Pardon me for the corny title, I know not everyone loves KFC but we do. I’m glad that Popeye came to town. While the FRIED CHICKEN thing isn’t something revolutionary, it’s good to know that there’s now an addition to the choice of fried chicken franchise in town and it’s no slacker when comes to value and taste.

I have nothing more to add, other than that I am looking forward to my next visit to Popeye for more chicken nom-nom session. Remember to take note of their promotions to get more value from what you’re ordering.

And I’m sorry if you’re disappointed for not seeing that spinach-eating super-sailor – apparently the restaurant has nothing to do with him.

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  1. I’ve tried their food and it is pretty tasteless. Maybe a more healthier version of KFC. Healthy food always doesn’t taste good. 😛

  2. Yeah, it is certainly a more healthy version of KFC. As for the taste, it is subjective.

    I have the same thought about the chicken in my first try. I guess, I have a certain expectation in mind. After a few rounds, I grew to love it even more.

    Which outlet did you have yours?

    Btw, we truly appreciate your feedback.

  3. How many outlets in total do they have? I tried it in Tmn Tun. The chicken is pretty juicy, but I find it rather oily, with the oil kept dripping all over. The service is better than some other KFC outlets. I suppose its because they are not too busy to care for the customers.

    Will it come close to be KFC next biggest competitor? We shall see…..

  4. I tried Popeye’s for the first time in TTDI back in 2009 (forgot which month) and the chicken was pretty dry. However, Popeye’s opened a branch at e-Curve and I’ve been regularly visiting that place…The chicken was no longer dry and I really love the biscuit 😀

  5. yuuuppp… so yummy i like the chicken sandwich… ngeee~
    they just opnened new branch at mines at serdang too~

  6. They purposefully commit fraud against their customers.

    Try this:
    Go through the drive through. Order any meal. Do the math on what you are being charged, pay cash for the meal, and then start asking questions.

    In my case, my one and only item that was ordered was $5.99. I was told that it would be $7.05 at the window. Confused, I drove up and asked why so much? Tax should only have been around 45 cents, bringing the price up to around $6.4x. It was explained to be that there was an (ESF) Electronic Service Fee. When I asked why I was being charged this fee when I was paying in cash, they took 60 cents off. Uncomfortable, I asked if everyone paying cash was charged this fee unless they complained, and was told that it was taken off automatically if cash was used. I was doubtful but let it drop.

    Next visit, same order, same scenario. Instead of throwing a fit, I gave the cashier $7.00 in cash when the order was “$7.05”. Immediately, the drive through cashier asked me for another nickel. I explained that I was paying cash, so it was less money. He denied it. I brought up the ESF, and he confirmed that there was one. I asked further and he admitted that it was for credit card transactions. So, I asked him to take the fee off, and he refused. At this point, I had the choice of paying 60 cents more for no reason, driving away without my order, or speaking to management. I guess I am an idealist, I asked for the manager. When the manager EVENTUALLY came to the window, he asked me “What’s up?”. I simply said $7.05, he looked at the order, and gave me 60 cents change. When I tried pressing him what the fee was for, getting the same answer concerning debit/credit cards, and asking why people paying cash were getting charged it… all he would answer is that he refunded me the fee.

    Popeyes Louisiana Chicken is purposefully ripping off their cash customers. I did call corporate and explain the situation. They said they would forward it internally but that they didn’t know what the outcome would be (whether or not anything would change).]

    Buyer beware.

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