Butterworth Popular Pork Trotter (Pig Leg)

Butterworth Popular Pork Trotter (Pig Leg)

Ok la, I think I must make it a point to post more often. So really busy.

Anyway, today I present to you a place (obviously serving pork trotter, which is non-halal) my potential client brought me during my trip to Penang end of June.

Pardone the ugly picture la, Nokia N81 8GB camera not good. Recently Nokia provided me the N85 already, so you will be spared from horrible food photos from now on!

Let’s just say this place is very old-school. There’s no signboard on how to get there or anything, it’s situated near Penang’s Jetty (yes, the one for the ferry ride) along the warehouses and not facing the main road.

You wouldn’t know it’s there unless someone told you about it. Now as you can see from the image below, it’s er………. I don’t know how best to translated it. “Lian Hoe Restaurant” perhaps? LOL. Whatever, the 2nd line reads “Butterworld Famous Pork Trotter Rice” or you can call it PIG LEG also up to you lah, that one not my business. Go Penang sure you call it TU KAR.

Butterworth Popular Pork Trotter (Pig Leg)

So here’s where I sad. Since I was with potential clients, I just have to make it quick and not put everyone (especially myself) in any awkward situation. Being unfamiliar, I just let the host do the ordering and prepared to savour the meal.

Butterworth Popular Pork Trotter (Pig Leg)

So here’s what was served, in my opinion – the tender pork trotter and dark sauce with rice was more than enough for lunch.

The side dishes such as fish, clams (we call them “la la”) and so on weren’t memorable. All of them weren’t out of the ordinary, they just serve their purpose as accompanying dishes.

Butterworth Popular Pork Trotter (Pig Leg)

I must say that the portion we had was nice but the fats padding the trotter could drive one mad! Anyway, good place to try. One leg would suffice for 4 individuals I suppose, but if all 4 are like myself – the carnivorous person, then I think 2 would be good.

I can’t give you guys any MAP this time because I think it would be misleading. Nevertheless, just drop by the Jetty area and ask around. (I’ll add a map once I figured out where it is!)

They’re closed on Sundays and public holidays, opening hours are from 9AM (waaaahhh so heavy breakfast) to 3PM. Actually, if you read Chinese, it’s stated on the 1st photo.

Price? I don’t know, something not polite to ask but seeing so many around – I’d say it’s should be something reasonable.

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