Betty’s Midwest Kitchen

Betty's Midwest Kitchen

If you are looking for an alternate taste of western dishes, away from the usual western dishes known in Klang Valley such as “steaks, pasta, pizza”; we wish to recommend you to this place called Betty’s Midwest Kitchen located at Aman Suria, Petaling Jaya (facing the NKVE).

With the American Midwest theme and colour, the exterior of the restaurants stands out from afar, noticeable from the NKVE. The interior is styled with what looked like the American Midwest decor, the proximity of each table seems to be rather close.

Betty's Midwest Kitchen

Betty's Midwest Kitchen

The setting is suitable for a nice session with family and friends but the place isn’t huge, and you can’t help but feel the neighbouring tables are close. Nevertheless, don’t let that stop you from enjoying the food.

Classical Meatloaf (RM15.00)
A great classical midwest style meatloaf that uses pork and beef for very moist and flavorful results. This hearty and tasty dish is served with mash, peas and onion relish.

Betty's Midwest Kitchen

It was a very delicious dish, a flavor new in my book. The meatloaf was made out of mince meat and vegetable, went very well with the green peas and the savory mustard like taste sauce. I had never enjoy green peas as much this before.

Sweet, salty and tasty. 🙂 The meatloaf is a signature Midwestern American dish. No longer a meatloaf virgin! (Eh, not referring to the singer la)

American Hotdish – Beef Stew (RM15.00)
A Midwest-style of beef stew. This hearty and tasty dish is served with garlic bread.
It was an all-in-one earthy herbs flavored casserole with generous amount of beef and vegetables. Indeed it is a hearty and tasty dish.

Betty's Midwest Kitchen

They ran out of garlic bread when they serve this dish, in replacement they serve us other type of bread. The overall dish still tasted as good as ever. I only wished there were more bread.

This dish was lovely, generous chunks of meat engulfed in a moat of delicious stew – just a fork and some accompanying bread already completes the dining experience. It was so good, I wish I had more bread.

Jucy Lucy (RM13.50)
Hamburger with melted cheese core inside the grilled beef & pork pattie. Served with fries. I did not enjoy this dish as the meat patty texture was rather dry and a bit too loose. The saltiness of the cheese inside the pattie is not satisfactory.

Betty's Midwest Kitchen

Betty's Midwest Kitchen

I love the idea but execution wise it wasn’t great. The patty was falling apart as I was eating while the cheese looks great but doesn’t quite add to the taste. I think cheese is still best left on top or bottom of the patty, better tasting them on each bite than having to only find it at the core.

Grilled Baby Back Ribs (RM28.50, about 350g)
Baby back ribs marinated in special rub and grilled to succulent crispness. Served with coleslaw and fries. I did not enjoy this dish too.

Betty's Midwest Kitchen

The meat is dry and slightly tough to chew. Overall, this dish was not as satisfactory too.

I was having high hopes for this one, the meat still has the scent of pork but I felt that it’s towards the dry side of baby back ribs (compared to what others have offered) but maybe it’s a Midwest style. You might like it, I find it just OK.

Apple Crumble with Ice Cream (RM8.00)
A superb dessert dish! I enjoyed so much. The apple crumble is crunchy and the flavor blends intimately well with vanilla ice cream.

Betty's Midwest Kitchen

Nothing else to say, except that it was a nice dish. Cool ice cream on top of some warm substance that looked like mash potatoes but are actually made of apples. 🙂 Go figure.

Nutty Ice Cream (RM6.50)
Ooh .. another superb dessert dish! As the vanilla flavored ice cream melts in my mouth, I get to chew the almond flakes and savour a tinge of chocolate. The combination flavors of vanilla, chocolate and almond was just superb.

Betty's Midwest Kitchen

Generally, the waiting staff are courteous and attentive. Their prices are reasonable.

Do note that the review was just confine to these few dishes. There are varieties of other dishes available for you to try.

This place is certainly worth paying a visit. Details as stated below.

Betty's Midwest Kitchen

Betty’s Midwest Kitchen
Address : A-G-40, Jalan PJU 1/43, Aman Suria Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Operating hours :Tue to Fri : 11am – 10pm, Sat to Sun : 10am – 10pm. Closed on Mondays.
Telephone :(603) 7880 0196
Fax:(603) 7880 0196

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  1. Had a bad dining experience there.
    Went there last night with 3 friends to have a try on the food since everyone gave them thumbs up. When I reached there around 6.30pm, only 1 table was occupied. Guess I was early for dinner. I was impressed by the shop deco and the menu they offer. While waiting for the food, more people came and finally every table was filled up.

    While we are trying to push all the food inside our terribly full tummy, the daughter kept asking us “Any further order?” She asked that every 5 minutes. So annoying! She even cleared the empty plate without asking. Then it started to run heavily outside. My friend ordered a basket of fries, cheese rounds and 4 bottles of Budweiser while waiting for rain to stop. The girl kept staring at us as the signal to leave the table as there are people waiting to be seated. We ignored as we believe customers always have the right and we still haven’t finish our food. Finally the girl came over our table and asked, “can I clear your table?” and we are shocked as we still have half basket of fries and we haven’t finish our beer. Can you imagine that? She was trying to shoo us away. We was so angry! How can she do that to customer? So we just pay the bill and swear will never go back there again. Never ever! Disappointed with her PR skill.

  2. Kevin Woon Ken Lee Hi Elaine!

    I’ve noticed that you’ve been spreading your reviews all over the blogosphere! Would like to clarify that we dont have a ‘daughter’ as a service staff as my sister is a pathologist in the states.

    Staff are instructed to clear tables of food items that are done. My staff assumed you were done with the fries and asked politely if she could clear your table. It was not an instruction. I fail to see why you would be angry at a polite question. Perhaps you are more used to other alternative methods?… See More

    Another thing is that we are very strict with our closing door policies as Mr and Mrs Woon are not young and can get quite tired after a long busy day so we would close on time.

    May I remind you that we are a restaurant and not a bar. We appreciate your efforts in spreading your word to everyone but I’d just love to clarify some mistakes that you made.

    PS: For someone who swears not to come back you are putting out a lot of PR for us. Thank you!

  3. Been there last weekend on your recommendation. It was awesome. Definitely one of the best American Cuisine restaurants out there. Thank you so much for this.

    Price was definitely a good contributing factor. Very well proced, very good food. Only drawback was the small space and going in a group of 10 can be a hassle. The lady waitress i had was awesome in recommending / explaining to us about the food as well as getting the tables required for all of us to fit in. Will be there again sooner or later :).

  4. I spend my last 10 years in US. Price is cheap but food is so so.
    If you look for authentic American Cuisine, this is not the place

  5. YasmineHey Shahad. Wow, the possibilities are ENDLESS. I don’t know where to start from, rlaley. It depends on what you have on hand. You could make a simple olive tapenade and serve it with some crackers or toasted baguettes and cheese. Or make a bruschetta with tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, and basil. Get some cold meat cuts such as smoked salmon, smoked turkey, and roast beef, make a honey mustard dressing or whatever and serve that with slices of bread. Make sure to make tasty drinks, try sprite or fizzy water with grenadine syrup and mint. I don’t know what you like so I can’t make very precise recommendations. If you want great suggestions, search for cookbooks or recipes about hors d’oeuvre’, which is the type of thing you want.And thank you!

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