Hoagies Hauz, Sunway Giza Mall


Hoagies Hauz, Sunway Giza Mall Myself and lexiegirl were at Sunway Giza Mall during the Chinese New Year week and we managed to sample the food served at Hoagies Hauz. We weren’t expecting anything great, especially from a name we’ve not even heard of but surprisingly the experience was something worth mentioning.

About the Hoagies Hauz
Here’s Hoagies Hauz – you’ll see it as you walk around the open areas of Sunway Giza Mall.

Hoagies Hauz, Sunway Giza Mall

If you’re parked in the mall, chances are that you’ll be coming up the escalator and it’s an outlet you couldn’t miss.

The outlet concept focuses on healthy wholesome meal; offering sandwiches, spaghetti, vegetarian food and beverages (brew, refreshment, fresh juices, blended and soda drinks). The outlet works similarly to any fast food chain outlets, whereby you order, pay and collect your food at the counter.

Hoagies Hauz, Sunway Giza Mall

What is “Hoagie”?
Briefly, let’s find out what is the meaning of “hoagie”.

A “hoagie”, also known as a submarine sandwich is a sandwich that consists of an oblong roll, often of Italian, Spanish bread or French bread, split lengthwise either into two pieces or opened in a “V” on one side, and filled with various meats, cheeses, vegetables, spices, and sauces. – Source: www.wikipedia.org

Choose Your Bread
With each hoagies you order, you get to choose 1 of the 3 type of bread (Classic / Wholemeal / Foccacia) to be used. For our meal, we had classic bread for the Chicken Chori-O, Foccacia bread for the Barcelona and wholemeal bread for Beef’y Streaky.

The Choice of Our Hoagies
And here’s the food – on the left is the Chicken Chori-O, RM9.30 (Classic Hoagies) and on the right is the Barcelona, RM9.30 (Fusion Hoagies). 😀

Hoagies Hauz, Sunway Giza Mall

Now, for some enticing close-up of the hoagies.

Hoagies Hauz, Sunway Giza Mall

Hoagies Hauz, Sunway Giza Mall

It was so good, we decided to try the Beef’y Streaky, RM9.80 (Classic Hoagies)

Hoagies Hauz, Sunway Giza Mall

Here’s what the Beef’y Streaky before the bite.

Hoagies Hauz, Sunway Giza Mall

Here’s what it looked like Chicken Chori-O after the bite.

Hoagies Hauz, Sunway Giza Mall

I loved all 3 of them, my favourite goes to Beef’y Streaky while the Barcelona comes close 2nd. The sliced streaks of beef were tasty with the Beef’y Streaky, while the Barcelona comes with chicken covered in some special sauce that gives it a subtle curry-like flavor, or at least I thought it was so. The Chicken Chori-O is basically consisting some sliced spicey spanish sausage.

All of them were packed with a mixture of vegetables which I admit I felt lazy to study what they are, relying on my some-what experienced taste buds and memory, I remember having chew my way through cucumbers, capsicum, parsley and I think a few more greens which my identification skills fail me…….. well as you can see I’m not keen on vegetables. 😛

All three flavours were very delicious. My favourite would be the Barcelona, 2nd goes to Beef’y Streaky and last is the Chicken Chori-O. I like the hoagies for the local taste, something I can easily relate to. Honestly, I had never tasted hoagies which leaves me hungry for more. The hoagies bread and vegetables were fresh and the meats are tasty, especially the “Barcelona” (Fusion Hoagies) whereby the pieces of chicken are soaked with special flavour sauce.

Our Drinks
Now for the drinks, we had the Quadro Coffee, RM5.50 (left) and the Lettuce Cucumber, RM5.90 (right) – my thought was that both these drinks were unique as I’ve never had drinks like these. The Quadro Coffee is pretty much like some blended coffee with some sweet ingredients at the bottom, you need to stir the drink “kau kau” to get the best out of it. The Lettuce Cucumber on the other hand gives a tangy mint flavor that is absolutely refreshing, in some ways remind me of lemonade less sour with a whole lot of mint.

I agree with goldfries, the Lettuce Cucumber drink is refreshing. Very good indeed!

Hoagies Hauz, Sunway Giza Mall

I also tried the Snowy Vanilla (RM7.90) which I didn’t find snowy at all, it’s more pricey than any of the above but not as great in taste. It wasn’t well blended in my book, the ice doesn’t feel smooth, or in this case SNOWY. Sippy through the drink, there were still ice that were in chucks.

Hoagies Hauz, Sunway Giza Mall

All in All
Hoagies Hauz is certainly worth recommending, especially for those looking for a healthy meal. Something that’s balanced and not having much oily substances. Service was simple and fast. The place is cozy, great for meet-ups.

Their wholesome meal truly caters to health-conscious customers, like myself. A balance meal packed with protein, high-fibers and other nutrients and best, quick to go. If you are looking for alternative taste of sandwiches, this place should be in your “must try” list.

However, being a “cheese lover” foodie, I wish there is an option in the menu that I may be able to add “cheese” into the hoagies of my choice.

As for their price, it leads me to think that it is towards the high side. The hoagies prices generally range from RM8 – RM12. Ideally, it would be good if I need not to pay so much for a healthy meal. Looking at their menu, generally I have to spend at least a minimum of RM12.00 for a healthy sandwich of a local taste and a healthy drink.

Just to add a bit more details, it seems that Hoagies Hauz has been around for quite a few years. One of their main outlet is actually located at a secluded corner of the basement floor at 1-Utama’s old wing. 🙂 Those who work around there would probably have noticed that but for me, I must admit the old wing’s basement floor is a place I never tread nowadays.

Hoagies Hauz
Address : Sunway Giza Mall, Block D G06, No.2 Jalan PJU 5/14, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Operating hours :10am – 10pm.
Telephone :(603) 03-6148 4588

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  1. Hello from PerutBesi! This place looks like a good place for some healthy lunch! From your review, I think I’ll try this place out 😉 It’s not too far from home, so I reckon I can swing by for a meal someday 😀

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  3. Is Hoagies Hauz bankrupt? I went to Synops closed and I call Sunway Giza branch line disconected….I was wandering how the business owner run the business!

  4. No idea but I remember not seeing it at Sunway Giza mall already. Not sure if it’s just the outlet closed or the whole chain gone bust.

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