Munich at IOI Boulevard


Munich at IOI BoulevardMunich just opened not long ago at IOI Boulevard, it is basically Stadt with the famous Pork Knuckle being part of the menu. The difference is that Munich is more catered towards the DRINKING crowd. 🙂 Head over to IOI Boulevard on Friday and Saturday nights it you’re into that.

The Concept
Munich’s concept is different from Stadt. A great place for “Happy Hours”!

MUNICH GASTRO BIERHAUS, conceptualised as a lifestyle German bierhaus cum restaurant.

Authentic German Cuisine
It offers a truly great range of authentic German cuisine dining in elegantly furnished indoor ambiance or in casual with relaxed atmosphere alfresco carefree outdoor.

Exquisite Beers
It features a wide special selection of exquisite beers, wines and whisky in the market. The selections are based upon its quality and brands that are acceptable and recognised in the world markets. The selections of draughts include Franziskaner (German), Hoegaarden (Belgium) and Carlsberg (Malaysia).


And this is the menu, which we pretty much know what to expect already. After all, we’ve been a regular at Stadt for quite a while. 😀 (I need my Pork Knuckle fix!)

Munich at IOI Boulevard

The Place
The facade is theme on a welcoming clean white setting.

Munich at IOI Boulevard

In side, the white decor is beautifully lit by the blue and yellow colored lights, giving it a classy modern contemporary feel.

Munich at IOI Boulevard

I must say the most outstanding feature must be the tables and chairs, they’re very comfortable.

Munich at IOI Boulevard

All Time Favourite: Pork Knuckle with Glazed Honey (RM45.90)
Lo and behold, the Pork Knuckle! In our earlier article we introduced their “ORIGINAL” variant but for this one, we ordered the HONEY GLAZED variant. Notice the reflective coating in between the uneven texture of the crispy skin. Lovely.

Munich at IOI Boulevard

I find that the Honey Glazed version actually tastes better. Of course, this is entirely a matter of preference. I thought the sweetness of honey adds to the saltiness of the skin. Accompany those with sour taste of the saurkraut and mustard that’s part of the served dish adds even more flavor.

Just one word, …. “Yummy”! Also do note, this dish huge and don’t try to take it on SOLO.

Specialty Favourite: Lamb Cutlet, 350gm (RM39.90)
Up next, the Lamb cutlet, which I think was delicious. The lamb was just nice in texture, marination was even and tastes as what a lamb should.

Munich at IOI Boulevard

The meat was slightly tough and dry. These part of the lamb meat has more fats and bones, not my preference. Oh well, … perhaps I made a wrong choice in the menu. Next time, I should opt for Lamb Boneless Meat, 200gm (RM29.90) instead.

Specialty Favourite: BBQ Pork Ribs with BBQ Sauce (RM23.90)
We also had BBQ Pork Rib with BBQ sauce, this might be a little challenging for those who have no experience eating it. The meat is much tougher than those of beef ribs and could be deemed as tad dry as well. Nevertheless it is delicious, especially with the accompanying sweet gravy.

Munich at IOI Boulevard

A sweet tasting BBQ flavoured pork ribs dish in delicious gravy. Definitely need some effort in “cleaning” the meat in each rib as compared to beef ribs.

Blue Twister (RM6.90)
For my drinks, I like their soda – in the photo below, the Blue Twister. 🙂 It’s my favorite drink there, it’s basically sprite with Teisseire Blue Curacao and Teisseire Orange.

Munich at IOI Boulevard

Kiwi Smoothies (RM8.90)

Delicious kiwi smoothies, similar to any ice blended fruit yogurt drink.

Munich at IOI Boulevard

Do note that there are plenty of choices available for you to try, we’re just physically limited.

The waiting staff are generally courteous and attentive. The prices are generally reasonable.

Munich Gastro Bierhaus
Address : C-GF-46, IOI Boulevard, Jalan Kenari 5, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47170 Puchong, Selangor D.E., Malaysia.
Operating hours :Open Daily: 11.00 am – 1.00 am
Telephone :(603) 8076 8380

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  1. nice place to dine… but the chef use planta instead of butter for the mashed potato.. even for the salad… 🙁

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