Japanese-Western Fusion @ Watami Restaurant (Non-Halal)


Japanese-Western Fusion @ Watami RestaurantIt’s a place to indulge in the fusion culinary style of Japanese-Western, with the ambiance of fusion-like settings, in keeping with classic Japanese style, yet has a touch of contemporary decors.

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant is a new type of tavern that concentrates on providing food with less emphasis on alcohol at affordable prices. It serves delicious Japanese food and drinks in a comfortable atmosphere. The dining environment is good for causal gathering and family. (Source: http://www.watami.com.my)

Without much a do, let’s dig into the realm of Watami!

Watami Salad (RM19.90)
Crisp greens with redonions, corns, cherry tomatoes, broccoli florets, shredded cucumber, shrimp, teriyaki chicken, nori, flying fish roe and fried wanton tossed with Tuna Mayo and Sesame Cream dressing.

Japanese-Western Fusion @ Watami Restaurant
A mix of both world, fresh vegetables and well marinated meat/seafood, accompanied by drizzles of the tangy sesame cream dressing, helps bring up the best of both world. For those who seeks a balance diet, this is a good starter.

I’m not a salad person, so to me it’s just another salad with a mix of meat types.

Anago Tempura Maki (RM18.90)
A creative change of the traditional unagi sushi with unagi tempura.
Japanese-Western Fusion @ Watami Restaurant
It is an attractive dish, typically served with pickled ginger and wasabe. Another good choice of appetizers. Each maki has portion of the crunchy tempura fried unagi. The flavors of fried unagi goes well with the sticky rice, seaweed and light coating of sesame seed.

Tasty, the rice is well formed. At some shops, the makis are badly formed hence they break when you pick them. This one’s good, the mixture of ingredient works well.

Tompeiyaki (RM17.90)
A specialty dish from Osakamade with savory beef, shredded cabbage, tempura flakes, spring onions and stuffed into a cheese-filled Japanese omelet. Drizzled with mayonnaise, okonomiyaki sauce and mustard.
Japanese-Western Fusion @ Watami Restaurant
Indeed a colourful dish. For those “murtabak” fan, this a Japanese-western fusion version that you should try. Each bite, you will experience a fusion mix of flavors.

It was the most attractive dish for the night. It tasted great on my first bite but not so great after that, probably because my first bite had a taste of cheese on it.

Hotate Butter Yaki (RM14.90)
A Watami signature dish of oven-baked scallops and shimeji mushrooms on sizzling hot plate, topped with butter.
Japanese-Western Fusion @ Watami Restaurant
Not too impressive to my liking. The scallops are rubbery in texture and the naturally fresh & sweet flavor has been over powered by the black pepper seasoning.

I like this dish despite it not looking any more special than any other scallop dish. I didn’t find the pepper overpowering.

Wafu Pizza (RM17.90)
Pizza topped with teriyaki chicken, mayonnaise and nage negi or better known as Japanese onions.
Japanese-Western Fusion @ Watami Restaurant
The thin pizza crust is closely associated to Fajita in memory. The topping is simple, yet delicious.

The initial impression was O_o as the crust was thin. The overall taste however swayed me from my negative impression, it really tastes good, I’d say that the teriyaki chicken had the greatest impact on the taste.

Sukiyaki (RM26.90)
Japanese style hotpot with slices of beef, nage negi (Japanese onions), tofu, enoki mushrooms, carrots, garland chrysanthemum leaves and cabbage in sukiyaki broth.
Japanese-Western Fusion @ Watami Restaurant
A wholesome one-pot meal served in bubbling hot Japanese broth. A combination suitable to dine, especially in cold weather. The choice of ingredients are clever, both in terms of the creativity and careful presentation, in order to draw sweetness to the broth. Served hot, the test for the meat lie in the strength of its flavors, and certainly excellent in cuts and pass with flying colours – juicy, tender and rich in flavour.

The beef was lovely, tender and finely cut, the aroma of fresh beef was made better by the soup that added sweetness to the beef.

Chicken Katsu Tamagotoji (RM19.90)
Chicken cutlets with scrambled egg sauce.
Japanese-Western Fusion @ Watami Restaurant
A signature dish of any Japanese restaurant. A perfect marriage of taste and texture. A tenderly meat with a coating that seals the taste from inside-out. Oishi, dess!!

Probably the best tasting chicken katsu I’ve had. I need not describe this dish.

Gomoku Kamameshi (RM21.90)
A traditional steel pot rice dish cooked table-side with bonito, carrot, shimeiji mushrooms, tofu pouches, root vegetables and topped with salmon, shrimp, scallops, chicken and flying fish roes in broth.
Japanese-Western Fusion @ Watami Restaurant
Interestingly presented dish. Japanese rice with generous amount of ingredients are simmered to perfection. The delicate textures and savoury essence of each ingredients are beautifully teased by the finely balanced seasonings of the broth.

It started off wet and ended being moist. 😀 Basically, Japanese mixed rice.

Matcha Tiramisu (RM9.90)
Japanese-Western Fusion @ Watami Restaurant
Tiramitsu with a twist with green tea.

A smooth melt-in-your mouth tiramitsu puree like, top with a thinly layer of green tea powder is simply divine, giving a sweet yet tinge of bitterly flavor.

Bleh, not something of my liking.
Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant
Address :C4.04.00, Level 4, Pavilion KL Shopping Mall, KL
Telephone :(603) 2141 6671
Business hours :refer to website
Website :


  1. The green Tiramisu reminds me of the fist time I tried a frog eggs thick-shake. The color was the same and Imagine it tastes just as bad.

    The teaspoon of such a style as seen in the photograph would never be used in a real Japanese restaurant because of tasteless design and vulgar shape.

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