Savoring Lamb Ribs at Tony Roma’s


Savoring Lamb Ribs at Tony RomaTONY ROMA’S just recently introduced Lamb Ribs to their menu so we decided to try it out and see how it compares to the Beef Ribs. 😀 I’m a huge fan of their Beef Ribs, admittedly I used to have it no less than twice a month!

Without further ado, I introduce to you the Lamb Rib from Tony Roma’s.

I ordered “Full Slab” for RM 69.90. (Full Slab beef rib is RM 75.90) – Why full slab? I’ve always ordered Full Slab for beef rib so I did the same for ease of comparison.

You get to choose 2 sides, just like the Beef Rib.

Savoring Lamb Ribs at Tony Roma

Here’s another view of it.

Savoring Lamb Ribs at Tony Roma

Here’s a view of the meat as we dig into our dinner.

Savoring Lamb Ribs at Tony Roma

I don’t normally do this but ………. here’s the back view. 🙂 It’s very unlike the Beef Rib, there’s a whole lot more bones on the lamb rib and it takes a lot of effort to peel them off the bone.

Savoring Lamb Ribs at Tony Roma

FATS! A whole lot of it too! Don’t worry about it though, you can just scrape it off easily. I’m sure you mutton lovers know how tasty these fats are but too much of it isn’t healthy. 🙂 Know your limit.

Savoring Lamb Ribs at Tony Roma

I mentioned “a lot of effort” just now, and bones. 🙂 Here’s an idea of how much work you need to put into the meal.

Savoring Lamb Ribs at Tony Roma

This is very unlike the beef rib where the meat just falls off the huge bone easily, there’s little to no effort needed to peel the meat.

Overall the lamb was well marinated, the marinate is of Tony Roma’s usual BBQ flavor but the oily nature of the lamb rack made the meat so tasty that I didn’t even dip the meat with the Smokey sauce that I always do with the beef rib.

The full slab of lamb is cheaper than that of the beef but overall there’s much lesser meat and a whole lot more work (yes, I know, 3rd time I mentioned it).

VERDICT? GOOD!!! Given a choice – I still prefer the beef rib. For people who do not have “huge intake capacity” for meat, perhaps the lamb rib is a better choice for you. Either way, they taste great!


  1. gooser ciao seguo sempre i vostri commenti ho comprato orex credendo che era più avanti che arna ma forse mi sono sbagliato tu hai notizie a riguardo per quanto riguarda il mese di aprile cosa vedi bene? thld c’è da scottarsi?grazie

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