Back to Basics: How to Choose the Best Meat

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Today our highlight is “how to choose the BEST meat” during your purchase. These are tips which we hope that you will find it useful. We need to choose the meat that are GOOD, CLEAN and FAIR in price.

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Choosing meat can be a bit intimidating – how do you know if it’s quality or not? Here are some smart tips.

Choosing quality beef
Look for beef that is firm and slightly moist with a fresh red colour. It should be well marbled with fat, but don’t judge the quality of the beef by the colour of the fat itself. Some ground beef might be brown, or turning brownish. Rather opt for beef that is red throughout.

Choosing quality veal
Look for veal meat that is greyish pink, and has a firm texture with very little fat and no marbling. The bones should be soft, red and porous.

Choosing quality lamb
Choose lamb that is fine-textured, firm and lean. It should be pink and cross sections of the bones red, moist and porous. The external fat should be firm and white and not too thick. In older lambs the meat is light red, the fat is thicker and creamier in colour, and the bones may look drier and harder than in younger lambs.

Choosing quality pork
Choose cuts of pork with more lean meat than fat and bone. A good cut of pork will be greyish pink and the flesh will be relatively firm. It should be well marbled and covered with firm white fat.

Try not to buy any meat that has the following:
– Fat that is grey or yellow
– No marbling
– A deep red colour
– A coarse texture
– Excessive moisture

Storing meat
Meat should be immediately refrigerated or frozen after it’s bought. If you need to divide it up to freeze some, store in freezer bags and try to remove as much air from the bag as possible. Label the meat and include a date.The length of time meat can be frozen varies greatly, but roasts, steaks and chops will freeze well for four to six months, hamburger for three to four months. Any freezer burning that occurs does not necessarily mean the food is inedible. The parts with the freeze burn might be tougher and drier, so you can cut those parts off. If the entire meat is freezer burned, then throw it out.

Thawing meat
The best way to thaw meat is in the fridge, and once thawed, should be cooked on that day or the next. If you don’t have time, you can defrost in the microwave but some of the taste will be compromised. Don’t refreeze meat.

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