A Gastronomer who is not an Environmentalist is Just Stupid?


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We wished to highlight our discovery on these quotes from Mark Bittman, a New York Times columnist and the author of the book, “Food Matters: A Guide To Conscious Eating” interview with Carlo Petrini.

The following is an excerpt from his article ‘Slow Food Quickens the Pace’ based on his interview with Carlo Petrini last weekend, published on Tuesday in The New York Times on 23 March 2013:

A gastronomer who is not an environmentalist is just stupid. Whereas an environmentalist who is not a gastronomer is sad. It’s possible to change the world even while preserving the concept of the right of pleasure.

“Gastronomy is holistic. It’s not only recipes and cooking but agriculture, physics, biology, genetics, chemistry, history, economy, politics and ecology. If we adapt this vision of gastronomy, our relationships with food and each other changes.”

Source: http://www.slowfood.com/international/food-for-thought/

Buurps.com fully agree with this concept that appreciation of food does not begin at the table alone but it should be from the food source at a global scale.

If everyone understand their role and did their part to cherish and protect their food and the environment, we probably be enjoying a different outcome today. Like the saying, what goes around comes around. We need to be aware of this concept.

Food for thought. How about you? What do you think?

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