Biscuits with a local twist


Introducing Yat Fatt’s “Sambal Dried Shrimps” biscuits, a homegrown biscuit brand with a local twist.

The package struck my fancy as I passesd by a stall over at Mid Valley Mega Mall just a week ago.

The Biscuits
If you are a sucker for sweet flavoured “sambal” like those served in “nasi lemak” and dried shrimps, perhaps you should try this biscuit.

The biscuit is around 3mm in thickness. The crunchy biscuit itself is a mixture of sweet and saltiness, and a little bit of spiciness – making everything nice. In other words, I would sum it as a tiny pack of “dried shrimps and sambal” flavor.

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Just as with other form of crackers as such, it’s recommended that you finish it as soon as possible or keep it tightly sealed compartment to maintain the integrity of the content.

I most certainly could not finish the whole packet immediately. Eating too much may result to feeling “jelak” (click the link for the definition).

Please note that this product is only for non-Muslims as there is no “Halal” certification on the packaging.

Where to find them?
The stall is located at the lower-ground concourse floor of Mid Valley Mega Mall, simply look for these landmarks Carrefour main entrance or Lavender Confectionery & Bakery shop unit, the stall is just nearby. It is a pushcart stall and not a shop unit.

I’m not aware if the product is being sold elsewhere but I’ll be on a lookout, and will update this article if I do come by any.

Kee Heong Food Industries Sdn Bhd
Retail Outlet: LGC-5S Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra 59200 Kuala Lumpur.
HQ: 23 Jalan 2/108D Sungai Besi Light Industrial Estate, Taman Sungai Besi, 57100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Telephone :(603) 7980 4284
Website :


  1. The problem with these cookies is that your fingers smell like ass after you have eaten an entire packet.

  2. LOL. Well, one should refrain from eating the entire packet to begin with. If you think the fingers smell like ass, then the breath would be beyond description. 😀

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