Burgerlicious Time at MyBurgerLab


Burgerlicious Time at MyBurgerLab As a burger aficionado, I’m always on the lookout for new places to try out burgers. Sure, I had my share of T.G.I. Fridays and Chilis burgers which I really enjoy but it’s always good to come by other places for a change of “burger environment”.

MyBurgerLab is such a place. I’m aware of them even before their opening but I’ve always been put off by the news of long queue and running out of stock. Well – they’re that good eh? So I finally made it a point to visit the joint (oh it rhymes!), probably some half a year or so since their opening. Looks like queuing up is part of the experience. 😛

I had high hopes but there’s this needling thought on whether their burger was overrated and all. As you could have guess it from the title (shame of you if you didn’t) – their burger did live up to the hype and I left impressed!

MyBurgerLab opens from 5pm to 10:15pm daily, closes on Monday. So I took the opportunity to visit on Saturday.

Below is the shop at around 4:45pm.

Burgerlicious Time at MyBurgerLab

Below is the shop at around 4:50pm.

Burgerlicious Time at MyBurgerLab

😛 Well guess what – most people were waiting in the car, after we took our 1st spot in the queue – everyone that’s in the car made their way to line up. Tsk tsk tsk. It was a good 15 minutes sun tanning session for me as the weather was hot that day, I nearly have a tan line on my wrist.

Knowing that the queue was going to be long, I had already planned what to order so they took my order within a minute or so. Order number 0001. 😀 Whether it’s an auspicious number, I don’t know.

How crowded is the place exactly?

Here’s how it’s like at around 5:20pm when I finish my meal.

Burgerlicious Time at MyBurgerLab

And here’s the crowd of the restaurant as I was stepping out. The queue even when they were taking my order, stretched beyond the shop front.

Burgerlicious Time at MyBurgerLab
Now, on with the burgers.

I ordered the “Say Cheese 2” – double beef patty, juicy to the bite. Comes with a whole lot of cheese and some sliced onions and tomato.

Burgerlicious Time at MyBurgerLab

Dissecting the Say Cheese 2 – notice how the cheese melts along the rims of the beef patty? Juicy beef patty that is.

Burgerlicious Time at MyBurgerLab

I ordered A Beautiful Mess for lexiegirl – It’s a beef burger with eggs, sliced vegetables, and added Eggcellent salad for all rounded goodness. Behind, is the Say Cheese 2.

Burgerlicious Time at MyBurgerLab

A beautiful mess. Look at how the “sunny side up” with full glory of the yolk seeping out.

Burgerlicious Time at MyBurgerLab

Fries – no idea if they’re french but it’s covered with aromatic herbs, delightful to the taste and keeps you warm and fuzzy inside.

Burgerlicious Time at MyBurgerLab

So the package goes like this. Just add RM 6 to your burger order and you get fries and refillable (aka bottomless) soda.

Our bill comes to RM 50. I know some of you may think that this is priced on a high-side for burgers but I have to disagree. In my opinion, this is really value for money considering you’re paying only about RM 25 for all that goodness. I didn’t even have to specify that I want the patty to be medium or whatever, it just came juicy and tender as it is, falling of with each chunk bitten.

Our RM 50 were derived from RM 24 for each set, and RM 2 for the Eggcelent salad. So if you minus the fries + soda add-on, the burger is RM 18.

There ya have it – An awesome burger joint for you to check out. About the “running out of stock”, well it happens. They get sold out but from what I gathered, if you ordered the simpler burgers like Say Cheese, there’s likely to be stock as they prepare more these days. 🙂

Remember : The Queue!!!
Burgerlicious Time at MyBurgerLab

Here’s how you can reach them – just make sure you go EARLY! Either that or go really late and hope that your burger of choice is in stock.

Address : No. 14, Jalan 21/22, Seapark, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Website : MyBurgerLab on Facebook | Blog

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