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Weekend is here. One of the ways to relax and enjoy your weekend is to indulge in Food Games.

There are many FREE online food games made available. Just by clicking of “buttons”, you can enjoy them. will be covering this area in today’s session.

Below is just a sample image of an online food game.

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Playing games is not only fun, it can be a form of education depending on your choice of game.

Your choice of game will determine different area of simulation to your brain. viewed it as “gym session” for your brain muscles & nervous system as it helps improve memory, logic, reflex, enhanced motor skills, communication skills, teamwork and etc.

Below are some websites for your reference. You will definitely be spoilt by choices.

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Reference 2


Reference 3


You have to pick and choose those games wisely as different games catered to different age groups and contains different level of difficulties.

Here just are some examples.

Banana Berry Yogurt Pops
The game below is an online cooking session for kindy aged children. It requires participant to use their motor skill, exposing & building up in them the passion for cooking and educate them step-by-step on how to make certain food with the given recipes.


H K Cafe
As below, this game requires some level of motor skills from slightly older age group children. It is a cafe running simulation game. It educate participants on managing time & expectations, improve reflex and enhance motor skills.


Busy Burger
Lastly, below is a restaurant simulator game where it challenges participants on memory and attention span. Speed in motor skill is also required, aside managing time & expectations.


There are tons of online food games out there, so go through those food games slowly. Choose your fun and enjoy your weekend!

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