Getting to Know your Kitchen Knives and Cutting Techniques


The world of culinary encompassed such vast areas. wish to expound this area of cooking in today’s article, knowing so well that it is one of the fundamentals of cooking. Quite frankly, many of us are either ignorant or have little knowledge in this area.

Knife skills are one of the most important parts of the culinary arts.

Getting to know your kitchen knives is the beginning of your journey to the world of kitchen.

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Below is an illustration of the general anatomy of knives from top and side profile perspective.

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There is a proper method to hold a knife. Below is the diagram of it.

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There are different types of knives of different shapes and sizes for different functional purposes.

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Below is a video that we find it beneficial in understanding the basic kitchen knives kit, how to maintain your knives and a showcase of various basic cutting techniques.

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Interestingly, we found out that there are some basic rules and names for various knife cuts. For those who are not professional chefs nor had been to the culinary schools would not have known this fact.


Anyway, the cutting techniques also varies for certain ingredients and assistance from cooking machinery could also aid you in the kitchen.

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Like the saying “practice makes perfect”. Below is a video of a professional chef, Hiro Terada with such admirable cutting skills.

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Now to end our article, let’s get back to your own home domain. Of course, being in the comfort of your own home kitchen, who would be bothered by your cutting methods or cuts sizes, right? What counts is whether the food prepared taste good at the end of the day, right?

We hope you have learnt a great deal in this article. These information are just for your learning about the world of food. In the appreciations of food, flavors alone may not be enough. Sometimes, it is good to open our eyes to see the nuts-and-bolts involved in the making of food.

We look forward in seeing you improve in your cooking skills and the understanding of your food.

Kindly note that truly appreciates the passion, generosity and contribution of others to the world of culinary. Therefore we wished to emphasize that some of our article contents are taken from the world wide web with an intention to create awareness only. Then again, kudos to those who had put so much effort to produce these wonderful contents and their willingness to share to the world. Thank you. – –

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