How to Maintain Freshness of Vegetables and Fruits

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Here are some recommended tips on how to maintain freshness of vegetables and fruits:

Using kitchen towel in storing leafy vegetables


Reviving withering vegetables


Handling root vegetables


Putting outside as an option


Handling non-ripe fruits

As for the video below, it is good to observe how the general grocery store position their food for maximum freshness, highlighted towards the end of this video from 1:58 onward.


There are many debates out there as to how to maintain freshness of vegetables and fruits in storage. Some recommended using newspapers to wrap vegetables before storing in the refrigerator as a more economical way of maintaining the freshness of vegetables.

Climate differences and planning when to eat them are factors that we should consider when storing outside. thinks that it is always better not to buy excessive even if you get good discounts to avoid wastage. Buying them in smaller quantity (enough portions to last for at least a week for those who are unable to do daily grocery shopping) and eating them fresh is still a better option. Not only will it be wholesome to your body but also good for your wallet.

Please share with us; should you know any better method in maintaining the freshness of vegetables and fruits, especially in our all-year round hot & humid weather.

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