Hunger vs Food Wastage


“ is always curious about anything related to food”.

Thanks to a sharing from a friend in, we wish to highlight this image for you to ponder.


Also, we see how food are wasted in the media everywhere, either in food-eating competition, setting of country or world record related to food, video productions promoting “gluttony eating” habit, etc.

Below are just some examples of how food are wasted:-

Food-Eating Competition

This video was taken from Source:

This video was taken from Source: Please note that we are just zooming in the aspect of food eating related challenges of this video.

Setting of Country and World Guinness Records Related to Food

This article was taken from Source:

This article was taken from Source:

This article was taken from Source:

This article was taken from Source:

Video Productions Promoting “Gluttony Eating” Habit

This video was taken from Source:

To wrap up, we cannot deny that there are some elements of entertainment and fun in watching them gorging their food, right? People may say, it is for advertising and promotion and they can afford to pay for their food, so what?

Tying back to the main issue highlighted, “The world’s hunger is getting ridiculous. There is more food in a rich man’s shampoo than in a poor man’s plate”:

For those participants shown in those videos, do they really need that much of the nutrients from those super size servings? For those photo images involving setting of country or world records, where do those food go to after those events? Garbage bins? Do you think hygiene is observed while preparing these food of country/world record sizes to be shared by many later on?

For all these activities shown involving food wastage, are they really necessary if we consider the bigger picture?

While you may be gorging yourself in gluttony; others else where, may be scavenging for food some where.

Food for thought. We will leave the rest to you.

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