If Your Food is given the Freedom of Speech


This will be their untold story …

Source: The image was taken from https://www.facebook.com/amazingfoodart

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  1. Beck,swears up and down on the constitution every day,America knows,the "Fraud " was not elected in accordance with the constitution.And so does Beck. A person with his status on fox and he won't address this? As far as I'm concerned,from a once Beck fan HE IS A TRAITOR,AND SO IS O'REILLY. O'reilly needs to stop mentioning our troops,he has did them the greatest disservice on earth. I don't see how they sleep at night.[money,I guess}

  2. Enig i at lua var fin, og jeg skjønner at hvis man bor der snøen aldri smelter må man lære seg å like skiene. JEG, derimot, hadde ikke overlevd fram til første drikkestasjon!

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