McDonald’s Egg-stra – Adding Value to Value Meal


We were at a McDonald’s outlet around Kepong area just a few a days ago and we spotted this promotion called McDonald’s Egg-stra, this aroused our curiosity as we’ve not heard of this promotion at all. Upon enquiring the staff at the counter on this matter, he said that the promotion has been around for a month.

After looking at the prices, we thought we’d give the Egg-stra meals a shot.

Here’s why – the price for the Egg-stra burgers are the same as those without the eggs. Look at the prices above and below.

We ordered a Filet-O-Fish + Egg …..

…. and Double Cheeseburger + Egg.

Interestingly though, I took the liberty to browse around McDonald’s Malaysia’s Facebook page and couldn’t locate anything related to the promotion. Google search did not yield any results as well.

🙂 If you happen to be visiting a McDonald’s outlet, keep an eye out for the promotion. You’ll get better value for your Value Meal with the added nutrients from the egg.

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