PastryVille at Hartamas Shopping Complex

PastryVille at Sri HartamasPastryVille just opened last week at Hartamas Shopping Center.

PastryVille™ is conceptualised in mind with the idea of approaching pastry as a good pastry for taste and health.

PastryVille™ features an extensive selection of over 50 freshly bakes treats that draw inspiration from the French traditional loafs fresh homemade with classic time-honoured baking technique.

How to Reach
If you’re familiar with the shopping complex, just head to the top floor (Same floor as TGIF and StarBucks). Exit the building and walk down the path to your left.

PastryVille at Sri Hartamas

The Place
PastryVille is a small and cozy little commercial unit.

The choice of Pastry are available on display on one side while the eat-in area is on the other, and also at the walkway just outside the bakery.

PastryVille at Sri Hartamas

PastryVille at Sri Hartamas

PastryVille at Sri Hartamas

The Food
We visited the place on a Saturday afternoon, and after having a quick look-around at what is at the store, we decided to settle for the following.

PastryVille at Sri Hartamas

It’s call OREO (RM 3.20) – a pastry with a thick crust of sweet oreo-like power covering the top of it. Yummy on the inside too.

PastryVille at Sri Hartamas

Nothing can go wrong when comes to “oreo” flavour. At the inside, it is filled with custard cream. Therefore, every bite will bring in the best of both worlds.

Next up, a the super-sized (in comparison to the other offerings) is the Red Bean Pillow. It’s basically bread but there’s very little red bean taste to it. RM 3.80. Not exactly our favorite though it tastes nice as a bread, and would’ve have been better if it was accompanied by some butter or jam.

PastryVille at Sri Hartamas

“Red Bean Pillow” definitely looks impressive presentation wise. However, it is rather dry after a few bites as it has no fillings at the core. The red bean flavour is minimal. For those “red bean” fans, this can be disappointing. To reduce the dryness of the bread, perhaps it will be good if the serving goes together with additional butter, jam, cream or even “red bean” sauce.

The Strawberry Custard (RM 3.20) on the other hand, is the most attractive looking pastry on the block. Thick crispy crust envelopes the custard, topped with sliced strawberry and a purple grape.

PastryVille at Sri Hartamas

There’s a whole lot of custard right to the bottom.

PastryVille at Sri Hartamas

It is a colourful pastry and tasty too. The yellow filling is actually custard cream so the flavour cannot run off that far.

For something less of a sweet nature, we tried the items called Sesame Fish Flakes and Fish Flakes & Ham.

Both of them look totally different yet they have quite similar characteristics.

The Sesame Fish Flakes (RM 3.20) is an elongated bun with sesame seeds, fish flakes and some caramel-like substance on top, looks like a dotted cocoon with fancy hairdo.

PastryVille at Sri Hartamas

What’s neat about this Sesame Fish Flakes is that it actually has a piece of ham inside.

PastryVille at Sri Hartamas

We chose this bread because we wanted to try the fish flakes (the Japanese originated ingredient). The flakes have mild fishy flavor and melts in the mouth. The lightly sweet taste of the brown gooey substance which holds these flakes together brings out a pleasant flavor.

The Fish Flakes and Ham (RM 3.80) on the other hand, is a dark colored but with fish-flakes and ham on top, with some cheese.

PastryVille at Sri Hartamas

Looks tasty, right?

PastryVille at Sri Hartamas

My preference still goes to this bread as it is more moist than the earlier ones. The cheese spread does makes a different.

For something more refined, you could give the Tiramisu My Way (RM 12.90) a try.

PastryVille at Sri Hartamas

PastryVille at Sri Hartamas

It is delicious. It not only won my heart but also changed my opinion about “Tiramisu”. I simply love the blending flavour of roasted sweet nuts, the smooth creamy fillings and the homegrown cape gooseberry fruit.

For drinks, we tried the RM 9.90 Caramel Latte.

PastryVille at Sri Hartamas

I really enjoyed this smooth, thick and creamy latte.

A sweet way to end the meal.

Overall – Good tasting pastry and reasonable price. Worth a visit if you’re nearby and looking for something sweet to fill the day.

I just wished that the breads and pastries ordered were served warm for dine-in patrons. Overall the prices are reasonable and they have a decent range of pastry and bread choices.

Here’s how you can reach them.

Address : P3-C, Plaza Ground Floor, Hartamas Shopping Centre, 60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Sri Hartamas, 50480
Telephone :(603) 6206 4060
Website :

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