Promoting Healthy Eating to your Children


As parents, we know how important it is to promote healthy eating to our children. We need to educate them on what is good food and what is not, hence to ingrain eating and living healthy lifestyle into them so that they will benefit as they develop to adulthood. knows this fact and wished to share with you, parents on this subject since it is a weekend and “weekend is family time”.

For those who are yet to be parents or those singles out there, please feel free to view this article for your learning. Perhaps, it helps broaden your perspective about life too.


There are more “wholesome goodies” in this article so please read further.

As we know in this current era of being both working parents, there are a lot debates out there from parents saying that they do not have time. Below is the video to counter these arguments. It will definitely make you think again about finding time for your child and family.


In doing so, understanding your child and your role as parents is very crucial. You need to work around to achieve this goal and yet not imposing on them. Here is a video of the sharing of this psychologist, Dr Laura Markham from which explains all.


Making it fun for your child is all it takes. Be creative and enjoy every moments with your child. This video has some tips for you.


Realistically, there are a lot of challenges to achieve this goal. It is interesting to hear what other parents faced in the process and how they dealt with it. Right below is the video about it.


To wrap-up, parenting is a learning process after all and also a heavy responsibility of one’s life time. Treasure every moments with your child and family for we never know what is to come tomorrow.

If you wish to see good future for your child, then as parents, it is your responsibility to do your homework now in laying good groundwork in your child today.

As the clock is ticking, let’s not waste anymore time!

Kindly note that truly appreciates the passion, generosity and contribution of others to the world of culinary. Therefore we wished to emphasize that some of our article contents are taken from the world wide web with an intention to create awareness only. Then again, kudos to those who had put so much effort to produce these wonderful contents and their willingness to share to the world. Thank you.

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