KFC Malaysia had recently launched a new product called, the KFC Spicy Korean Crunch.

This image was taken from Source: https://www.facebook.com/KFCMalaysia

In line with this trend, Buurps.com wishes to share a video from a Korean, Maangchi on how to recreate this dish.

In Korea, this recipe is called Yangnyeom tongdak, meaning “seasoned fried chicken”.

The ingredients are chicken chunks, salt, ground black pepper, potato starch powder, flour, sweet rice flour, egg, baking soda, canola oil (or vegetable oil), garlic, ketchup, hot pepper paste, rice syrup, and vinegar.

Below is the video on how to prepare this dish.

Source: http://www.youtube.com/Maangchi

If you are a fan of this KFC’s new dish, please try Maangchi’s recipe and share your thoughts with us on whether her recommended recipe’s flavour & taste is similar to the KFC Spicy Korean Crunch.

Kindly note that viewers’ discretion are required while watching this video.

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