Dr. Oetker – Pizza Ristorante

Not all frozen stuff are bad, Dr. Oetker‘s Pizza Ristorante happens to be one of those frozen pizza that are so awesome, you won’t believe that it was inside a box before it went into the oven. Our favorite (yes, we tried various types of it) is the Quattro Formaggi.

Popcorn from Tea Chansii

Tea Chansii isn’t exactly a new name in the market, I’ve all the while thought that they only sell Tea – after all, Malaysians just love tea. I need not list the names that sell TEA TEA TEA. What surprises me was that Tea Chansii also sells popcorn – great

Celebrating Being Malaysian

While it’s still far from being August, we thought we’d start early in celebrating being Malaysian, by exploring the various food in our community that is enjoy by all races. This article will be part of a series of many.

Chin Chin Hainanese Pork Chop Rice @ Singapore

Just realize I haven’t publish this despite being more than 6 months since my trip to Singapore for Windows 8 launch. Nevertheless, never too late to get to know some Singaporean dining joint that’s worth visiting. I walked all the way from Cross St (sound side of the island) to