Lego Pizza Delivery

Here’s are some Lego + Food themed videos by Michael Hickox. Certainly a different way of looking at Pizza Delivery. Lego Pizza Delivery (Part 1) Source:

Techniques of Cutting Chicken Meat

If you remember, we covered the general aspect about kitchen knives basics in one of our previous articles. In this article, we delve into greater detail the chef’s knife and the boning knife – both very important knives. These knives will be used throughout the process of cutting any raw

Dr. Oetker – Pizza Ristorante

Not all frozen stuff are bad, Dr. Oetker‘s Pizza Ristorante happens to be one of those frozen pizza that are so awesome, you won’t believe that it was inside a box before it went into the oven. Our favorite (yes, we tried various types of it) is the Quattro Formaggi.

Eatrip (2009), a Japanese Food Movie

It is always interesting to find out how other cultures appreciate food and having the understanding how food relate to their lives, since eating is a natural & universal routine of life for humanity. We are featuring Eatrip (2009); a Japanese film set in Japan. This movie is one of

Food Styling for the Camera

Have you ever been disappointed by the sight of the actual food on your plate, while viewing them from the menu or advertisement simply looks better? This image was taken from Source: Well, there are many tricks to the success of these eye candies. The secret lies in how