Celebrating Being Malaysian #2


Had your breakfast? I had mine so I hope you also had yours. Even a little bit of morning energy is good for you.


So what do we have today as a breakfast highlight?

Here’s what I had for breakfast just a few days back before an event. It’s a common breakfast combo that’s a Malaysian favorite among many.


On the picture, you see half-boiled eggs. Eggs are from chicken, you know those …… eh wait, why am I explaining this? Ok they’re eggs. Half-boiled.

Then there’s the toasted thick bread with kaya and butter. Kaya here is in reference to “Coconut jam”.

As for the drink, it’s often tea or coffee, in some cases – teh tarik aka pulled tea. Just don’t bother telling people “1 pulled tea please” – that’s not the way to order. “teh tarik satu” would suffice. If numbers in Malay is not your forte, just say “teh tarik” and show them some fingers. πŸ˜› Not the nasty one!!!

There’s no rule on how to eat the above combo. Some people eat the bread and eggs separately, others may consider dipping the bread into the egg to get the egg white and yolk taste on. Either way it’s lovely, end it all with a cup or those warm beverages to get your day moving.

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