Celebrating Being Malaysian #3


It’s Tea Time!!!


But as you know, tea time in Malaysia isn’t like what you see in the picture above but we do have our share of late afternoon colorful bites.

Kuih – bite-sized snack or dessert foods commonly found in Malaysia, which happens to be a broad term which may include items like cakes, cookies, dumplings, pudding, biscuit, or pastries in English. Kuih however, is mainly referring to those steamed goodies that are made from rice or glutinous rice.

If you happen to be working in some government department, you’ll see these ‘kuih’ over tea time very often. 😛

*Some people may argue that the term “kuih” refers to “cake” but I can assure you that in Malay, a Cake is known as “kek”. LOL Pardon the LOLcat style spelling, that’s how the language works when it comes to converting from English. I digress.

Starting off, the one that looks like patterns from a kiddie socks – Kuih Lapis. Our local version of layered tea time delight glutinous rice flour, coconut and sugar.


Next up – Kuih Dadar, friend of Darth Vadar. 😛 Ok it’s Darth Vader.

Basically grated coconut with coconut sugar wrapped inside thin omelette made of rice flour which is usually colored green.


And lastly – Pulut Tekan, glutinous rice in blue and served with Kaya. Remember my explanation on Kaya in the previous article? Nah, not gonna give you the link. Help us increase page views. Thank you.


So there you have it. RGB, if only one of them was yellow and we’ll have a traffic light simulation on screen. YAY!


And to end the colorful session before proceeding with final bits of work to call it a day – we have the common tea time beverage, the COFFEE aka Kopi. *Told you about the LOLcat style spelling*. It’s usually either coffee or tea, whichever floats your boat. Color intensity and sweetness varies, just like Malaysians. 😉 Our skin color ranges from barley to kopi o but we’re all Malaysians.


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