Celebrating Being Malaysian #5


Hi Hi. Your long weekend good or not? Goodings yes? Good we happy for you. *pats your back*

Our 4th episode, we bring something many Malaysians love – Chicken Chop!

There are many styles or variants when it comes to chicken chop. We’re not referring to 101 ways to chop a chicken, let’s leave the gory stuff out of the picture – we’re talking about food, not elimination of appetite! 😛

One funny thing I note is that while Chicken Chop is often found on Malaysian menu, I can’t seem to find many (or any) from other parts of the world. For example if I searched “American Chicken Chop” – I get “American Chicken Chop Suey”. Ahhh I’m straying from the topic.

So back to the chicken chop – it is a chicken dish (obviously) where a slab of chicken meat that’s either grilled or fried, served along with gravy (or not) and some sides. Some come without gravy, others come with gravy such as brown sauce, mushroom sauce, black pepper sauce, hainanese sauce (not made of people), sweet & sour sauce (some cheapo stalls just use diluted tomato paste!) and so on so forth.

The sides can vary a lot too, some just provide a scanty amount of french fries with 2 bites worth of salad while thers (like the one below) provide bread with butter in between, baked beans, french fries, salad, and even an egg ……… and still cost less than RM 10.

Ok so now I made myself feel hungry thinking of this local dish.

Oh and if you plan to get some chicken chop at Chinese food court – let’s just say their chicken chop are often mediocre at best, and their fish & chips are often horrible.

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