Celebrating Being Malaysian #4


Malaysians being Malaysians, even hot days don’t stop us from enjoying hot food.

That’s said, today we’ll have a look yet another seemingly western Malaysian delight.


Did you guess BURGERS? You guess it right! SO MUCH WIN!!!


Oh yes, free Internets for you!!! wheeee!!!

Ok rejoicing moments aside – let’s hark back to these burgers. They’re not the local brand of western style burgers and all. They’re burgers sold by the road.

Just mention “Ramly burger” and any Malaysian would know what it is. If they don’t, you have my permission to falcon punch them. (What is Falcon Punch?)

That’s the what we Malaysians call any stalls by the road that sells burger. It’s not founded by anyone name Ramly, neither does it come from a town called Ramly.

The reason behind the Ramly name is because Ramly is the most common name when it comes to beef patty, here in Malaysia. It’s found in most stores that sell frozen meat.

Sure, we have other brands now like Darabif or Otai or whatever those names but RAMLY stays! 😛

The burger style varies from stall to stall but they do share a similar messy resemblance and even the taste often is similar – I mean really, how much different can you get when you’re using cheap burger buns, cheap sauces, cheese, mayo and vegetable? No offense but it’s fact.

And typically – you could just order “Burger special, tambah cheese, tambah telur” – settle. You’re likely to get the biggest baddest burger they have, with add ons. Of course if the special stuff already has cheese and eggs – it’s up to you to add more for all the mess you can get. They’ll probably ask you whether you want “ayam” or “daging” (meat, which refers to beef).

tambah = add.
Cheese = cheese. It’s keju in Malay but heck, people just call it cheese anyway.

Why the Malay phrase? Because such stalls are always run by the Malays. I’ve not seen any stall that’s run by any person of other race, not that it matters because such roadside burgers do taste good!

Anyway before uttering the above, you could just look at the menu.

🙂 So, when was the last time you had yours? Admittedly I didn’t have mine for a long time.

Of late, there’s a new craze of burgers in town called Burger Bakar. We haven’t stepped on the bandwagon but when we do, you’ll see it here.


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