Dr. Oetker – Pizza Ristorante


Not all frozen stuff are bad, Dr. Oetker‘s Pizza Ristorante happens to be one of those frozen pizza that are so awesome, you won’t believe that it was inside a box before it went into the oven.


Our favorite (yes, we tried various types of it) is the Quattro Formaggi.

Now I’m not going into detail on this particular flavor but to sum it up, this one is packed with cheesy goodness. 🙂

What made Dr. Oetker’s products different from the usual frozen pizza is the quality. I’ve tried many other frozen pizza, usually they’re quite think on the base but with minimal cheese and content, so it tastes alright out of the oven but after a while it doesn’t taste all that good already.


This is not the case for the Dr’s range. The base isn’t thick, it’s just nice. A thin slice that doesn’t get tougher as it cools. Look at the slice below, freshly cut right out from the oven.


The melted cheese just oozes, calling for your attention.

Price is less than RM 15. Dang, donno where I put the receipt but it’s around RM 13 I think. You can get these pizza at Carrefour and Tesco. Stock varies from place to place.


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