How to Make Wasabi Mayonnaise Chicken Rice Bowl (Recipe) わさマヨ 鶏そぼろ丼 (レシピ)


Ochikeron’s Japanese cooking how-to is one of my favourite cooking playlist. Her style is simple and cute!


Frankly, I am not a fan of wasabi but she managed to convince me that, “hey, it’s not bad after all”.

So please try this recipe. It is a very simple flavoured dish, hassle free in preparation and requires minimal cleaning of the kitchen after cooking because there is no frying involved.


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The ingredients are Natto (It is a sticky web of fermented soybeans which has very heavy & pungent odour. I didn’t hunt for it in our local supermarkets, therefore I had excluded it in my cooking but replaced it with frozen mix vegetables), chicken mince, mayonnaise (we recommend you to use “Kewpie” mayonnaise, a Japanese brand of mayonnaise which is smoother & creamier in texture and you can get it from any Japanese grocery store at the community area near you), wasabi, salt-sugar-pepper, olive oil, Japanese rice, soya sauce, scallion or spring onions (finely chopped) and Kizaminori (finely shredded Nori sheet or you could actually buy the bigger sheets meant for california rolls and cut them into shred sizes on your own).

Source: tips in the kitchen: Always be flexible in the kitchen. Work around with what you have. If you’re lazy to go out shopping for grocery for just a meal, at times modifying the dish’s ingredients with what is available in your kitchen storage is also alright. So long as the combination is appropriate and it suits your taste.

End of the day, you have fun in the kitchen and a satisfying meal!

And “now is done :D” => Ochikeron’s “favourite” ending speech in all her videos.

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