Popcorn from Tea Chansii


Tea Chansii isn’t exactly a new name in the market, I’ve all the while thought that they only sell Tea – after all, Malaysians just love tea. I need not list the names that sell TEA TEA TEA.


What surprises me was that Tea Chansii also sells popcorn – great tasting popcorns! I was surprised, I’ve not come by any good packaged popcorn in Malaysia for ages.

The popcorn comes in either small pack, big pack or can.

Let’s start with the original. It’s the lowest priced among all, RM 3.90 for small pack. RM 8.90 for big pack and RM 10.90 for can. The group photo above are the small packs.

The original is sufficiently sweet, and what I find nice about the pop-corn, regardless of flavor, is the size and consistency. It’s just a pleasure, I usually finish the whole pack at once.


Then there’s the caramel, which is currently my favorite because of it’s heightened level of sweetness.


Then there’s the dried seaweed flavored where popcorn meets underwater adventure.


And then there’s the garlic butter flavored where popcorn meets vampire slayer.


The coating does affect one’s experience with the popcorn, not just the taste but the overall presentation.

The package is actually zip-locked, and is sealed air tight. The popcorn are tightly pressed together so upon opening, you’ll see that some of the popcorn are stuck to one another tightly. I experienced this with garlic butter and seaweed flavored packages. I’ve not face such a problem with original, caramel and cheese.

There are other flavors, like wasabi, Japanese curry, chocolate, Mexican chili and strawberry.

Oh and the price for the other flavored variants are RM 4.90 for small pack, Rm 10.90 for big pack and RM 12.90 for can.

From what I understand, if you bought the on with can – you CAN actually bring the can back to them and have it refilled. 🙂

For more details, please visit their Facebook Page.

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