Korean Experience @ Bulgogi Brothers

While it’s not our first time dining at a Korean restaurant, it’s been quite a while since we visit a Korean restaurant as well. Speaking of Korea – do check out Psy’s Wiki Korea, we wrote about his not long ago (click here).

Papadom (2009)

It’s been a while since we highlight food movie. We are featuring Papadom (2009) in conjunction to the Father’s day. Image from http://archive.jiboneus.com/

Nerdy Nummies

I often keep an eye out for personality in the culinary world that gives me good vibes. I recently stumbled upon video of this cute young lady. Her Youtube channel is Nerdy Nummies.

Black Salt or “Kala Namak”

Salt is a very important ingredient in the culinary world. They come in a variety of colours, flavours and tastes and their availability varies across the globe. These diversity is derived from the crystalization of minerals of its place of origin. What is Black Salt? Image from https://www.facebook.com/SlowFoodInternational

Step-by-Step Guide to Handle Fish

Preparing a whole fish bought right from the market can be a challenging task, especially for those who are new in the kitchen. The fishy smell, the sight of fish guts & blood and fish scales can be intimidating. The image was taken from http://www.edibleblog.com/ Here are some useful basic

Fatboy’s The Burger Bar Malaysia

Fatboy’s been around at Publika for quite some time now. I remember taking note of this place but have been avoiding it due to negative feedback. Perhaps it was a bad day for them that time as it seems that I’ve been hearing good stuff about their burger recently so