Korean Experience @ Bulgogi Brothers

While it’s not our first time dining at a Korean restaurant, it’s been quite a while since we visit a Korean restaurant as well. Speaking of Korea – do check out Psy’s Wiki Korea, we wrote about his not long ago (click here).

Fatboy’s The Burger Bar Malaysia

Fatboy’s been around at Publika for quite some time now. I remember taking note of this place but have been avoiding it due to negative feedback. Perhaps it was a bad day for them that time as it seems that I’ve been hearing good stuff about their burger recently so

Pork Ribs and More! @ Chicago Rib House

Pork ribs or beef ribs – we love them. As per the title of this article – we’re looking at Pork Ribs so this article is about a non-halal dining experience. So how was the experience at this quiet little restaurant? (it was quiet on our visit. 😛 )