Celebrating Being Malaysian #7 – Satay


Some food are so simple and so common, even coming up with an introduction for it becomes a daunting task – this is the case for the “satay”.


Satay is basically skewered sliced meat. In Malaysia, it’s commonly chicken and beef, and occasionally goat / lamb variants.


Satay is commonly served with peanut sauce, slices of onion and cucumber. Satay is also served with nasi kapit / nasi impit which is rice, densely compacted and usually cut into cube form.

People usually skewer these cubed rice with their satay stick, dipping both rice and meat into the sauce to enjoy the combined aroma and texture of rice, peanut, sauce and meat.

Kebab you say? It’s of the similar concept but please, it’s not kebab. Please don’t call it Malaysian Kebab either.

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