Celebrating Being Malaysian #8 – Maggi Goreng


Just visit any mamak restaurant or stalls and this is sure to be one of their best sellers.


It’s fried noodle but not just any noodle!

Maggi is a household name in Malaysia. (Official Website)

One of Maggi’s signature product is their Instant Noodles. So in essence, the Maggi Goreng is quite like Mee Goreng but the taste and texture is differs as Maggi Goreng just means it’s made using the noodle and spice from the instant noodle package.


Of course most Mamak restaurants will add a bunch of other ingredient to it, like eggs, vegetables, chili and so on. 🙂 The above was what I ordered, Maggi Goreng Ayam. Added the fried chicken for awesome goodness. If the taste isn’t good enough for you, you can always order some lime (just say “bagi limau”) and the guys will know what to bring to you.


You’ll see a whole lot of other items on the mamak restarants’ menu with the word “Maggi” there. Maggi Sup for example. What’s the last Maggi dish you ate?


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