Papadom (2009)


It’s been a while since we highlight food movie. We are featuring Papadom (2009) in conjunction to the Father’s day.


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Papadom is a simple story that anybody could relate to. It’s a story about Saadom, a loving husband and also a hardworking father. In his quest to make a better living for his wife and daughter by expanding his Nasi Kandar empire, he had neglect to spend time with his daughter.

It all changed when his wife died in a car accident. Saadom then turns into a dependable father but is a little bit over-protactive of his only daughter, Miasara. He tries to get involved in every aspect of his daughter’s life. Things then get more hectic when Mia Sara went to college.

Saadom then pretended to be a gardener in order to get a job as the college’s gardener so that he can still keep a close eye on his daughter without the her knowing.

It’s a heart-warming, emotional, tear-jerking movie with a lot of funny scenes and dialogs. You can’t help to feel emotional and laugh out loud at the same time. I think that’s the genius behind this film.


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Our review

It is a food theme movie portraying the daily livelihood of our local community, the beautiful interaction of the “muhibah spirit” (meaning the care and tolerance) among the 3 races – Malay, Chinese and Indian represented by these characters.

However, the Malay culture is the primary focus in this movie as the main character, Saadom tells the story of his life, the struggles his family encountered. There are many hilarious scenes whereby he oversee his daughter from afar and yet giving a front to his daughter, Miasara that he is not to being intrusive over the affairs of his growing daughter who lives separately while undergoing her undergraduate education.

Overall, it is an enjoyable family oriented movie. Papadam, an Indian food origin is the signature food that you see throughout this movie. There is a bit of musical to start and to end the movie. It is a story of a slice of life and is worth watching especially on Father’s day.

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