Pork Ribs and More! @ Chicago Rib House


Pork Ribs and More! @ Chicago Rib House Pork ribs or beef ribs – we love them. As per the title of this article – we’re looking at Pork Ribs so this article is about a non-halal dining experience.

So how was the experience at this quiet little restaurant? (it was quiet on our visit. 😛 )

Our visit is to the outlet at 1-Utama. You might have taken note of this place as you walk along the 1st floor of the rainforest. If not, you probably have seen this in the shopping mall just next to La Senza (ok well you might miss it due to the greater attraction next door).

Pork Ribs and More! @ Chicago Rib House

A cozy, slightly dim, warm and cozy atmosphere – unfortunately they spoil the cozy mood with some nonsense modern day music. I decline to elaborate

Pork Ribs and More! @ Chicago Rib House

Pork Ribs and More! @ Chicago Rib House

For our lunch visit, we ordered the Half-rack Pork Ribs set at RM 26.90

Pork Ribs and More! @ Chicago Rib House

We also ordered the Pork Pizza at RM 16.90

Pork Ribs and More! @ Chicago Rib House

Since both were lunch set, they were entitled for additional soup of the day and bottomless drink at additional RM 5.99. Added that for both.

And to balance out the meal, we order the Dinner Salad at RM 13.90.

Pork Ribs and More! @ Chicago Rib House

Overall – the pork tasted great. The meat fell off the bones easily, all the meat were tender and juicy. Even the bones were good enough to spend time on, cleaning the leftover bits and pieces of meat that are hanging on it.

The set comes with a choice of side – either french fries or green vegetables. Yup, only one of the 2 despite the menu showing both on the plate. I went for french fries since we already ordered the salad but the french fries was terrible. There’s something about the texture of it that I didn’t like, and the surface of the french fries has this powdered coating. It wasn’t like any other french fries I had.

The pork pizza was tasty, not overwhelming but good. Evenly baked across the entire pizza with sufficient coating of cheese and chunks of meat scattered across.

Then of course the salad, which is a great add on to the otherwise MEAT oriented meal. The greens were fresh and tasted great when mixed with the grated cheese provided.

Overall – it was good. I certainly would come back to try out the other dishes.

Click Here for their outlet locations and operating hours, and menu too!

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