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“…no one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.” (Julia Child, My Life in France)

This is another cooking how-to site, a useful reference in the kitchen. Their choice of dishes varies from Asian to Western. It is a recipe oriented site with attractive viewing angles and pleasant background music.

Below are a few of their how-to recipes.

Nyonya Laksa (a.k.a. Katong Laksa)

Source: http://themeatmen.sg/nonya-laksa-aka-katong-laksa/

Special Lemon Drizzle Loaf

Source: http://themeatmen.sg/mothers-day-special-lemon-drizzle-loaf/

Chorizo Ravioli

Source: http://themeatmen.sg/chorizo-ravioli/

The site originates from Singapore, and it carries distinct flavours of the country – a good & spicy mix of Indian, Malay, Chinese and European cuisines.

About “The MeatMen”

The MeatMen is not just a name, it symbolizes a vision we have to bring awesome dishes at the comfort of our own homes.

We are simply a bunch of friends in the creative trade who love their food, be it eating, cooking, growing, or even capturing in pictures. So it all started with JJ’s obsession to record the whole process of food creation through the lens. That passion soon spread on to the rest of us, and before long we were infected with the food-frenzy craze.

Source: http://themeatmen.sg/about-us/

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