Celebrating Being Malaysian #11 – Curry Puff (Karipap)


Make no mistake, this ever so popular Malaysian tea time snack could be mistaken as a fortune cookie!


Come to think of it, you could actually turn it into a fortune cookie version but I digress. 😛 Let’s look at the local puff, a huff and a puff and here we go! (but you still have to click the link below. That’s the magic button!

Ok now that we’re here – a Curry Puff or locally, we just all it Karipap. Spare us the pronunciation matters, saying PAP takes a lot of effort than PUFF.

While the name is a PUFF, the structure of this delicious snack is more like a pie – deep fried or baked pastry shell, with curry as the key content (hence the name), and usually stuffed with other ingredient such as potato and chicken. The variety in content varies from the maker, even the taste varies.

It’s just like eating any pie, the way the baker makes the crust and the quality of the curry affects the whole experience. Some people prefer the curry to be on the spicy side, others may prefer it sweet. Regardless the preference, this local-pie is a timeless tea time snack.

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