Celebrating Being Malaysian #10 – Roti Canai


To Malaysians, being able to dine during wee hours in the night is part of the culture. While most restaurants are closed even before midnight, Malaysians are not in lack when it comes to late night snacks and one of our local favorites is roti canai.


‘Roti’ is the Malay term for bread, ‘canai’ in Malay means ‘to roll out dough’.

Roti canal is a type of Indian-influenced flatbread found in Malaysia. Found a Wiki page with good details about roti canai. 🙂 Do read it up.

The roti canai is often served with curry. Some shops will just put a variety unto the platter they serve you with (as in the photo above) while others, they ask you what curry you prefer. Usually chicken, beef, mutton or fish curry, along with dahl and sambal.

Roti canai a popular late night snack for the simple reason that they are served at mamak restaurants that are almost always open 24/7 and they are also cheap.

There are the more costly variations such as roti telur (roti canai with eggs in the mix), roti pisang (banana), roti tisu (no, tissues are not part of the ingredient) and so on. *Refer to the Wiki page for a list of the variety*

Do you like roti canai? What is your favorite?

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