Christina Aguilera – Candyman


Candyman – Christina’s Aguilera’s sensational hit single in 2006.


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2006’s Back to Basics earned Christina a lot of credibility, both from me and other critics. Her attempt at recreating the early sounds of the 20th Century, while also sounding completely fresh, was a major success. The album’s first single, “Ain’t No Other Man,” rushed into the top 10 and stayed there for weeks. The follow-up single, “Hurt,” was a hit as well. Just recently, Christina Aguilera has released one of the best, most addicting singles ever to hit the planet, “Candyman.”


With a sweet innocent persona, fun tempo, well choreographed swing dance moves, attractive colour scheme and the vintage appeal; the 1940s World War II themed music video takes a centre stage.


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You will be surprised with the underlying meaning of this song despite using food themed words as the building blocks.

Upon its release, “Candyman” received mainly positive reviews from music critics, most of them praised its melody and found out the song’s lyrics were too sexual. Jenny Eliscu from Rolling Stone labelled the track “fun” and “naughtiness”.


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