Delicious Homemade Soya Milk


I love soya milk for the nutty flavour. Some may prefer to replace the original flavour with pandan leaves (“screwpine leaves” in English).

No matter what the flavour is, it is a delicious drink to have it anytime. For those who have minimal inclination towards cow’s milk, soya milk can be a good alternative drink.

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There are ways to make your own.

The video below is the conventional method.


The next video shows the process of making one using a soya milk maker.

The product is made available in the market for quite a while now and varies in brands, designs, shapes, sizes and price tags.

It is recommended to buy as it saves time and energy. It cuts down some of the steps found in the conventional method.

The host of this video gaves many good tips and I hope this video will be helpful to you.


This is the brand of soya milk maker that I am using.


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To wrap up, always have in mind that there are no fix rules on which brand you wish to purchase. Your choice of product should fit your lifestyle and adjust the usage accordingly. As long as it gets the job done, all is well!

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